Four Footed Friends: Where to Buy Pets in Shenzhen

Four Footed Friends: Where to Buy Pets in Shenzhen
By Pete Cowell ,

If you have been living in Shenzhen for some time now, you might be considering buying a pet. For many of the more affluent expat families who live in villas in areas such as Shekou, owning a dog or several cats is often no different than if they were still living and working in their native countries. However, for the majority of us Shenzhen residents who live in apartment buildings, owning a large dog isn't so easy, mostly due to the lack of space available for exercise and general bounding around.

Nevertheless, there are lots of different options for expats in Shenzhen who wish to own a pet; from goldfish to golden retrievers. Prices can vary depending on different breeds and species, and always try to get a certificate if you are buying an expensive breed.

It is a quirk of the pet buying process in China that, unlike in the West, you don't usually get your pooch from a pet shop. It's far more common to buy an animal from a dealer on the street, which is unfortunately much like visiting a vegetable market. Unless your Mandarin bargaining skills are up to a high standard, make sure you take someone with you so that you can ask vital questions about all aspects of the animal, including how the sellers have been handling it and what they have been feeding it.

Buying a pet

1) Houhai Lu Pet Market
Situated behind the Weilanhai'an building just off Houhai Lu in Nanshan, this long street is where potential pet owners living in Shekou come to get a four footed companion. Houhai Lu Pet Market only specialises in cats and dogs, but they do offer a selection of breeds and a range of prices to suit all wallets. For example, it's possible to pick up an adorable mongrel for a few hundred RMB, or you could spend over 4,000 RMB on a purebred border collie.

Houhai Lu Pet MarketView In Map
Add: Near Houhai Lu (near Weilanhai'an building), Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00 to 21:00

2) Huanggang Pet Market
This pet market - like the example mentioned above - is another busy street market, although it is more convenient for expats living in Futian district. It also has a wider range of pets available, including fish, birds, cats and dogs. Again you can find a variety of breeds and prices to match.

Huanggang Pet MarketView In Map
Add: Corner of Huangang Lu, Hongli Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00 to 21:00

3) Dongmen Pet Market
If you happen to live in Luohu district, then Dongmen Pet Market is the place for you to find your ideal cat or dog, or feathered or finned friend. This market has been operating for years, and its long-establishment has earned it the reputation as the best place to buy a pet in Shenzhen. A friend of mine recently purchased a gorgeous British Bulldog puppy, and although she seems to have quadrupled in size over the last four weeks, he has had no problems with her health, which suggests that she was treated carefully by the seller. The best advice is to look around until you see an animal that you really like, but make sure you look for obvious signs of neglect or abuse. If this is present, simply walk away and consider alerting the authorities.

Dongmen Pet MarketView In Map
Add: Dongmen Nan Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00 to 21:00

Going to a vet

Like their owners, every pet falls ill once in a while, and although there are several veterinary surgeries around Shenzhen that offer treatment for your pets, Peace Animal Hospital is one of the better known and appears to be highly recommended. While many of the other vets only seem to cater for dogs (although these are indeed the pet of choice for Chinese and expats alike in Shenzhen), this establishment should be able to take care of just about any medical problem, regardless of species.

Peace Animal Hospital 和平动物医院View In Map
Add: 26-28, 29 Gegion, Wenhui Gardens, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00
Tel: 0755 2780 4803

Time to move on

One of the aspects of owning a pet in China that often isn't even considered until it becomes a pressing issue is how to get your beloved pet out of the country when it is time to leave. Unfortunately, there are some amongst the foreign community who will simply abandon their pets on the street, but most will try and find a good home for the animal or even take it with them to their new destination. If you decide on the latter, then Rayca are a good bet. This international logistics and moving company claim that they can organise everything for your pet, including vaccines and inoculations, dietary requirements and even customs clearance. You will be amazed by the amount of bureaucracy involved in taking a pet in or out of China, so let a professional agency handle it for you.

Rayca Moving and Transportation Services
Tel: 400 048 9099 (Mainland China hotline), +86 (0)20 8633 5226 (Overseas)

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