Shenzhen by the District: Futian

Shenzhen by the District: Futian
By Dana Westfield ,

Futian is a small district in the heart of Shenzhen with a border connection into Hong Kong. The district itself is marked by several business districts to the south and some of the city’s tallest and most impressive skyscrapers.

With some of the best subway access in the city, Futian is known for being easy to get around and much more compact than some of the outer sprawling districts of Shenzhen. Rent prices here are often higher than many other areas of the center because of its centrality and the fact that many areas are extremely new.

Shenzhen by the District: Futian
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However, Futian is more than just a business district and a gate to Hong Kong. It is also home to one of the most extensive electronic markets in the world, beautiful parks and some of the best shopping and eating in the city. Here are some of the best spots in the district to check out!

To Do

1) Huaqiangbei Electronics Market

Huaqiangbei is known as one of the largest electronics areas in China and is known throughout the world. The whole area, which is also known for mens’ and women’s fashion, encompasses seventy million square meters of shopping. That’s right, seventy million. The key places to buy electronics, tools, parks or get that computer you dropped fixed include the 10 floor SEG Electronic Market and the large Huaqiang Electronic World. Women’s World and Jiahua Clothing Market are among the large clothing market located in the same area.

Getting There: Take the Luobao Line (Line 1) to Huaqiang Lu Station and take exit A to Huqiang Bei Lu, take the Shekou Line (Line 2) to Huaqiang North Station or take bus 4, 95, 101, 203, 204, 212, 335, K113, K204, or N5 to the Shanghai East Hotel Station

2) Shenzhen Museum

Brush up on your Shenzhen development history at the Shenzhen Museum. The second and third floor hold permanent exhibits on Shenzhen’s ancient and modern history. Learn about the city’s fascinating ancient civilizations and tribes and see  artifacts from when the booming city was a mere fishing village. The museum also details the city’s often little known role in both the Opium Wars and the Second World War. The stand out exhibit, however, is on Shenzhen’s modern development. This floor (that is half a tribute to Deng Xiaoping) is a monument to Shenzhen’s rapid economic development and includes many different artifacts from and re-creation of scenes from the 1980s.

3) 24 Hour Book BarView In Map

 A smaller and cozier alternative to the mammoth Book City, 24 Hour Book Bar is located within the Book Mall near the Children’s Palace Station and the Shenzhen Library. The small café is a real gem, first of all because it really is open 24 hours. Three a.m. study session anyone? It is also one of the quietest places  in all of China. The baristas were quick to shush my friend and I when even we were talking at a normal volume- it was awesome. The Chinese book selection is fantastic, the English selection is decent as well including the normal classics as well as the modern, and less classic (Twilight). With cozy chairs, tea, coffee and snacks, heading to the Book Bar is a great way to spend a rainy Shenzhen afternoon.

Add: Inside Futian Book City, 1 Fuzhong Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Getting There: Take the Longhua Line (Line 4) or Longgang Line (Line 1) to Children’s Place Station (少年宫站) get out at exit C or D.

4) Lychee ParkView In Map

Shenzhen has many parks, but Lychee is a cut above the rest. It is pretty, has a botanic garden and many different pavilions. Once you enter Lychee you forget the bustle of downtown Futian, located just on the other side of the trees. The park features a lake with motor and peddle boats available for hire. The scene from the boat of the skyscrapers poking out behind the lush green trees of the park is quite beautiful. A great activity for a lazy sunny day in the district.

Add: 1001 Hongling Zhonglu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8209 5655
Getting There: Take the Longgang Line (Line 3) to Hongling Station (红岭站) or take the Luobao Line (Line 1) or Shekou Line (Line 2) to Grand Theatre Station (大剧院站).

To Eat and Drink

1) DaoxiangView In Map

When traveling or living in South China, you occasionally (is every day too much?) need to get your dim sum fix. If you are staying in Futian, head over to Daoxiang, but head there early because there are often extremely long lines! The fancy but not crazy expensive joint is a great place to enjoy those special Southern buns. They also have Northern style buns (the pork buns are especially good!). As for dim sum, the shrimp buns are a must try.

Add: 1F, 1001 Central Walk, 3 Fuhua Yilu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8280 1180 or 8280 1181
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 09:30-23:30; Sat & Sun, 09:00-23:00
Getting there: take the Longhua Metro Line to Convention Center station

2) New York Pizza Delivery (NYPD)View In Map

Futian is one of the best places for international food in Shenzhen and NYPD pizza is both reasonably priced and fantastic tasting. If you are lucky enough to live close to the stand, they will deliver to you. However, most of us have to drag our butts to Central Walk Mall and sit out on the patio to enjoy our pies. The pizza stand is definitely worth the trip. The options are really just endless: from spicy Buffalo Chicken and Mexican Style pizzas to meatball grinders to garlic bread and knots. NYPD has quickly become the location of choice for carbo-loading Shenzheners.

Add: Suite 1015, Yilu Zhongxincheng, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8887 NYPD (6973) or 137 9847 1160
Getting There: Take the Luobao Line (Line 1) or the Longhua Line (Line 4) to Convention and Exhibition Center Station (会展中心站).

3) Fool’s HeavenView In Map

Fool’s Heaven opened late this summer and has quickly become one of the most popular bars in the Coco Park area in Futian. The bar is part lounge and part bottle shop with some of the best prices on imported beer in the area. From Brooklyn Pale Ale, to Sam Smith, Delirum and Chocolate Stout, most of the beers available are under 30 RMB. This is a huge bargain compared to most bars in Coco Park. However, Fool’s Heaven is now so popular that is fills up quickly. Go early on a weekend if you want to procure a table.

Add: Gouwu Gongyuan Zhongxin, Corner of Erlu and Yilu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 137 9827 4737
Getting There: Take the Longgang Line (Line 3) or the Luobao Line (Line 1) to Shopping Park Station (购物公园中心站).

4) Frankie’sView In Map

A little off the beaten path, Frankie’s is possibly the best Western restaurant in all of Futian District. Located a short moto-taxi ride from both Yitian Station and the Futian Border Crossing, Frankie’s boasts an extensive menu of Western comfort favorites. The bar has recently started Taco Tuesday nights that may eventually rival mainstay McCauley’s in Coco Park’s Taco Tuesday deals with 100 RMB pitcher margaritas and taco deals.

The bar also hosts football games and Game of Throne screenings and boasts a smoke room with an array of cigars. Go on Sunday for the all-day brunch starting at noon, it’s a great way to gear up for a long trip into Hong Kong.

Add: 1F, 33-34 Guihua Yuanhua Yuan, Ronghua Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8257 2376
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00-01:00, Sunday 12:00-20:00
Getting There: Take the Longgang Line (Line 3) to Yitian Station and then take a moto-taxi or walk to Guihui Yuanhua Yuan, Ronghua Lu (绒花路桂花苑花园).


1) Subway

Futian has some of the best access to subways in the entire site with four lines running through the district. The Longhua Line (Line 4), Longgang Line (Line 3), Shekou Line (Line 2) and Luobao Line (Line 1) all run through Futian providing transport to all of the other districts, the Shenzhen airport as well as the Futian border crossing to Hong Kong.

2) Border to Hong Kong- Huangang Checkpoint
Take the Longhua Line (Line 4) to Futian Checkpoint to cross the border into Hong Kong at Futian’s Huanggang Checkpoint. The border cross comes out in Hong Kong at the Lok Ma Chau metro station on the East Rail Line. The best part about the Futian border is that it is open 24 hours. It is the second most crowded border area after the Luohu crossing.

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