More Than Just a Splash: Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park

More Than Just a Splash: Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of the sea wind in your hair, the sound of crashing waves and the joyful screams of tourists as they dance and prance through the sand? Dameisha Beach Park (大梅沙海滨公园), located on the coast of the South China Sea, is idyllically surrounded by mountains and features a 1,800 meter-long stretch of beach.

Not enough for you? The park is divided into a leisure area, a sports area, an entertainment area and a barbecue area, as well as offering jet-skis, beach volleyball, water slides, motorboats and countless other attractions. Dameisha is the longest beach in Shenzhen and boasts clear blue waters and soft sand. Sound alluring? Read on to learn more about the many wonders and attractions of Dameisha Beach Park.

1) Sun Square
The Sun Square (太阳广场) can be found in the middle of Dameisha Beach Park, and features structures designed by Australian architecture company Tension Membrane, which offer changing facilities and a place to have a shower and generally freshen up after a dip in the sea. The buildings are designed very much with nature in mind, and fit in perfectly with the surrounding palm trees and golden sands.   

2) Moon Square
Situated in the western part of Dameisha, the Moon Square (月亮广场) also features buildings designed by Tension Membrane and plays host to various shops selling handicrafts and local specialities. For the adventurous, there’s also a place to go bungee jumping if you’re feeling brave enough.    

3) Sunlight Corridor
The Sunlight Corridor (阳光走廊) serves as a path between Moon Square and Sun Square, and features beautiful polished stones for visitors to relax on. The corridor is also home to a dense makeup of tropical plant bougainvillea, which throw up a whole palette of colors in the immediate area especially when the sun is at its highest, which, mixed with the natural fragrance of the surrounding flora, makes it a very romantic setting indeed.   

4) Wishing Tower
On the right hand side is the Wishing Tower (愿望塔,) where you can face the endless sea, embrace the clouds above and peer around at the epic mountains that surround the area, and, of course, make a wish. The tower also has motorboats for rental, as well as a nearby barbecue stall and bar, so if you prefer making a wish over a beer or two with some friends, you can head there instead.   

5) Barbecue AreaView In Map
As mentioned before, the Wishing Tower has a nearby barbecue area just 200 meters away, which unsurprisingly gets pretty busy, especially during the summer months. You can rent a pot for 50 RMB for four hours, which also provides you with six chairs for friends to enjoy. If you’ve got a bigger group however, you can spend a little more and get eight chairs for 85 RMB (plus the pot) and they’ll even throw in a bag of coal, some forks, and a table.        

Add: Dameisha Beach Park, 9 Yanmei Lu, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: 06:00-01:00
Price: Free
Getting there: take bus 103b, 103, 308, 380a, 380b, 387, b703, j1, m207, or n21 to Haibinyuchang stop (海滨浴场站)

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