Holidays in the Sun? Top Tourist Attractions in Shenzhen

Holidays in the Sun? Top Tourist Attractions in Shenzhen
By Pete Cowell ,

When you think of Shenzhen, how many tourist attractions can you conjure up in your head, or do you simply envision Shenzhen as a place completely given over to manufacturing and money-making? Shenzhen is a city that has been developing at an unparalleled speed within Mainland China, and the ever-expanding cityscape is a symbol for industry, finance and economic progress within the Pearl River Delta region. With the constant construction work and sheer focus on making money, you might not think that Shenzhen is really a tourist destination. To a certain degree you are correct. However, the city is home to some breathtaking mountainous scenery. You can also unwind in the several theme parks or the museum. Why not try a shopping experience that is as far removed as you can imagine from wandering through the trendy and expensive MixC or Coco Park shopping centres.

Shenzhen might not have the nostalgic charm of the old city in Shanghai, or the monolithic architecture of imperial Beijing, but there are several different attractions that are worth checking out. Whether you are a casual visitor to Shenzhen or a hard working local, there are tourist attractions to suit all budgets and preferences. Intrigued? Here are four top tourist attractions in Shenzhen.

1) Window of the World

This theme park really has to be seen to be believed. Constructed to give local Chinese an insight into the architecture and culture of Europe - as well as other areas and countries around the globe without having to travel there - Window of the World has been pulling in the crowds for years. The life-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower is a landmark that can be seen from many areas around Nanshan District, as well a replica of the Pyramids from Egypt, classical Athens and the tower of London. Although the idea of visiting European landmarks might not appeal to everyone (especially if you are from Europe), Window of the World highlights the drive for innovation that Shenzhen is famous for, and so it is worth a visit, even if only to pay homage to the impressively false sense of the rest of the world it gives. As this place is popular with children, it can get extremely busy at weekends and public holidays.

Window of the World (世界之窗)View In Map

Add: 9037 Shennan Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 2660 8000
Opening hours: Daily, 09:00-22:00
Price: Free

2) Shenzhen Museum

For those who think that Shenzhen is devoid of culture, think again. Almost completely unknown to many of the city’s resident expats, Shenzhen Museum offers an interesting insight into the history of the area. Many foreign residents assume that there was nothing here before 1980 or so, but as the museum proudly highlights, the Shenzhen region has human history that spans back at least 7,000 years as can be seen by the various archaeological finds on display, from the earliest pottery fragments to displays of Cantonese architecture. The museum also tracks the development of modern Shenzhen with a series of interesting photographs and film displays. The human cost of the rapid development of the city is well documented, and the museum contains artifacts like simple tools, overalls, radios and replica worker’s accommodation that serve as a poignant reminder as to how Shenzhen became so large in such a short period of time. Explanations next to permanent exhibits are in Mandarin and English. When I visited there was a special exhibition on the 1st floor about the Silk Road and the millennia of Uyghur culture but frustratingly enough there was only Chinese text to annotate the spectacular relics. Nevertheless, the museum is certainly worth a visit.

Shenzhen Museum (深圳博物馆)View In Map
Add: Fuzhong Lu Shi min zhongxin area A Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8210 5800
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 10:00-18:00; Closed Mon
Price: Free

3) Nanshan Mountain

As you look south west to Shekou from Luohu or Futian, the skyline is dominated by the long ridge of Nanshan Mountain. Sitting at the end of the Shekou peninsula in Nanshan district, this mountain offers spectacular views from the summit, both of Shenzhen and the New Territories in Hong Kong. There are also some interesting traditional pagodas on the slopes and summits of the hill. Sitting at a height of around 500 metres, a hike up Nanshan Mountain is not to be taken lightly as the whole route is made up of lots of little steps. It’s actually ok on the way up, but the descent really puts your thighs and calves to the test. The best time to attempt to climb this hill is in the early spring or late autumn when humidity doesn’t resemble a steam room, and make sure you take plenty of water with you, although there are one or two little shops along the early stages of the route that sell drinks.

Nanshan Mountain 南山 View In Map
Add: Follow sign for “Hillside”, near Taizi Hotel, Taizi Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District,Shenzhen
地址:深圳市,蛇口 南山区,太子路

4) Luohu Commercial City 

This really is a shopping experience like no other. Forget splashing out on your favourite top name brands in up market shopping centres in Shanghai, Hong Kong or Beijing when you can get authentic copies of your favourite shoes, handbags and electronic goods in Luohu Commercial City for a fraction of the price. Situated on the border of Hong Kong opposite Shenzhen railway station, this busy market also sells a huge range of traditional Chinese products, including silk scarves, jade carvings and replica Qing Dynasty-style ornaments, and so it is a fantastic place to pick up some bargain presents for friends and family back home. However, if you are a foreigner, be prepared to haggle for any item you wish to purchase, and expect the sellers to try and get the highest price from you. If you feel that you are being ripped off, simply walk away as you are almost guaranteed to find a similar item somewhere else in the market.

Luohu Commercial City(罗湖商业城)View In Map
Add: Opposite Luohu Railway Station, Luohu District, Shenzhen
Opening hours: Daily, 08:30-23:00

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