A Slice of Goodness – 5 Great Pizza Restaurants in Shenzhen

A Slice of Goodness – 5 Great Pizza Restaurants in Shenzhen

Every expat knows that Western food in China is a really mixed bag, ranging from the delicious and authentic to the poor (inedible) copycat attempts. When it comes to pizza, one is faced with the choice of the ubiquitous chains (Pizza Hut and Papa Johns), or being a little more adventurous and going for one of the independent restaurants that have sprung up all over Shenzhen, some of which will even deliver to your home. If you're tired of mediocre mimicry and aching for some real pizza, here are the top five spots to slake your pizza-lust in Shenzhen.

1) NYPD Pizza
No it's not the police, it's New York Pizza Delivery. With three branches in Shenzhen and one in Hong Kong, NYPD is very popular with Shenzhen's expat community, and was recently the recipient of a major award in Hong Kong. There is no doubt that it does great pizza, with the BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken and the Mexican Pizzas going down as my personal recommendations. Owner Thompson doesn't skimp on quality ingredients, with the feta cheese and jalapenos generously proportioned on your pizza. NYPD also does a range of sandwiches and appetizers such as chicken wings, garlic bread etc. English service is available when ordering by telephone and delivery is available within a 3 km radius for 7 RMB. Prices are not bargain basement but are affordable considering a 9” goes for around 60 RMB, while the mammoth 16” pizzas only cost 120 RMB.

CBD/ Futian BranchView In Map
Add: FL1015, 3 Central Walk, Fuhua Yi Lu, Shenzhen (Metro-Convention and Exhibition Centre station on Line 1)
Tel: 0755 88876973 (Chinese) / 13798471160 (English)
Opening hours: 10:30-22:00
Website: http://www.nypdpizza.com.cn/

Shekou BranchView In Map
Add: 26 Haichang Street, Sea Dynasty, Shekou, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 88876973 (Chinese) / 13798471160 (English)
Opening hours: 10:30-22:00
Website: http://www.nypdpizza.com.cn/

 2) La Casa!
With two branches both located in Nanshan District, La Casa! is certainly not as well known as some of the other restaurants on this list but that doesn't mean it isn't worth checking out. Both of the restaurants are tiny, with only two or three tables each, presumably to save on Shenzhen's ever increasing rent costs and to focus on its delivery service. La Casa! has some very unconventional options, with durian pizza and even a black truffle pizza available. It does of course have more traditional options, such as the excellent Supreme pizza, with a variety of meat and vegetable toppings, and their great Pepperoni Lover. Their chicken wings also come highly recommended. La Casa! has several excellent permanent promotions such as a 12” pizza, chicken wings and two soft drinks for 75 RMB being a real winner. Finally, they have a good selection of desserts, with a very decent New York Cheesecake being a highlight. Delivery and English service are also available.

Houhai BranchView In Map
Add: A2-52 Baoli Cultural Square, Coastal City, Shenzhen (Directly outside Houhai Metro station)
地址: 深圳市南山区文心五路33号海岸城保利文化广场A2-52室
Tel: 86287885 (Chinese) 13501586258 (English)
Opening hours: 10:30-00:00

Nanxin BranchView In Map
Add: 1/F Nanxin Hotel, Nanxin rd, Shenzhen
Tel: 26560652 (Chinese) / 13501586258 (English)
Opening hours: 10:30-00:00

3) Liz Pizzeria
A brand new restaurant located in Holiday Plaza at Window of the World, Liz Pizzeria at the time of writing has been open for all of two weeks. The pizzas we tried there – the Super Supreme and the Mexican – were very good and generously topped with high quality ingredients, especially the meat. My only gripe was that pizzas are only available either by the slice or in 14” thin crust, which means that if you want something smaller for one person or a thicker crust then you are out of luck. Another issue is the small seating area, as Holiday Plaza is very busy in the evening so it can take quite some time to be seated. Back on the positive side, the smoked salmon appetizer was very good and the range of options is extensive. Prices are on the high side, with a slice around 12-15 RMB and a 14” pizza 70-90 RMB. Delivery service is available for an additional 8 RMB, but there is no English service as of yet.

Window of the world branch View In Map
Add: Holiday Plaza, Shenzhen (next to Exit C2 of Window of the World station)
Tel:  0755 86298417
Opening hours: 10:00-22:30

Zhu Zi Lin branch View In Map
Add: A1 Futian Bus Station, Zhu Zi Lin station Exit D, 8001 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 88857888
Opening hours: 10:30-22:30

4) Da Vinci Pizza
Da Vinci is very popular among the Shekou-based expats. Pizzas are available in either 9” or 13” size, and the range of topping options is huge, though all pizzas are unfortunately thin crust. Da Vinci's folded Calzone Pizzas come especially recommended, however their colossal sandwiches, especially their grilled steak, cheese and onion, were my personal favorites. They are an absolute snip at between 25-35 RMB and are built like a house on real ciabatta bread. Neither desserts nor appetizers are offered, and Da Vinci is delivery only without a restaurant space. One area that Da Vinci scores points is its excellent website (with English service), which is child's play to order through, and they are happy to deliver to your home or to any of the local bars. Prices are very reasonable with the 9” Pizzas priced 38-58 RMB and the 13” options going for 68-88 RMB.

Tel:  18665995032 (English) / 0755 26807093 (Chinese)
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Website: www.dvpizza.com

5) IdutangView In Map
Although not a pizza restaurant in the strictest sense of the term, I felt the pizzas at Idutang were so popular and of such good quality I couldn't leave the restaurant off this list. They use hand-made dough and fresh tomato sauce, and you can taste the difference. The Prosciutto Pizza using real Parma ham is a highlight, as is the four seasons pizza. The pizzas come in 12” size and are well priced at between 60-98 RMB. Being a restaurant and bar, there is a great range of appetizers available and I can wholeheartedly recommend their excellent onion rings, tortilla chips and salsa, or one of their salads. Idutang has live music on several nights a week and is also a very popular bar with the residents of OCT, usually open until the early hours and very busy on weekends. Sadly, there is no delivery service available.

Add: F3 OCT Loft, Enping Jie, OCT, Shenzhen (nearest Station Qiaocheng Dong, Exit A)
Tel: 0755 86106046
Opening hours: 11:00-late

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It is worth noting that you can order from most of the above and about 20-30 more in Shenzhen through www.shenzheneat.com

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Have you been to Warehouse at Cocopark yet? NY style pizza by the slice or, 14", 16", 24", 30". Warehouse delivers too!

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The best I've had in CHINA has been in Shenzhen at a little place called Karoway. The owner, Roy, is Chinese, and was taught in Europe how to make an authentic Italian pizza (and pasta)! The crust is sooooo tasty...and he only uses the best ingredients! Prices are now cheaper 29-39 Yuan for a 9". Location: HouHai, Nanshan. Tel. 2693-9209. If you were leaving the Coastal City Mall, across the large (silver-color) foot bridge, heading towards HouHai, his little shop is just on the right (on the corner of the building) after you walk down the steps. Tell him Bill sent you! ;-)

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Currently we have 5 locations to serve you the best pizza: # 1 Futian CBD. FL-1015 Store Central Walk, Fuhua 1 Rd. Futian #2 Shekou. 26 Haichang Street, Sea Dynasty in Shekou (near A-Best Supermarket) #3 Luohu. 3085-10 Shenna East Road, (metro Laojie Exit B) #4 University Town. Bldg K-2nd Floor Peking University, University Town, Xili #5 Huaqianbei. Huafa North Road #71 Phone: 0755-8887-NYPD(6973) English: +86 13798471160

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