Where to Get Your Hands on Imported Food in Shenzhen

Where to Get Your Hands on Imported Food in Shenzhen

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In Shenzhen, a cornucopia of regional Chinese fare varying from Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles to Guangdong banquet-style feasts is not only available but also on many occasions, inexpensive and primed for nocturnal dwellers. The number of non-Chinese slow food eateries has also been rising, with some of the more prevalent cuisines appearing to be Japanese, Korean, Indian, Italian, and pub-style chow. 

However, if you get tired of playing Russian roulette with restaurant hygiene or if you just want to cook up a dish that you have long yearned for, you may find the following import food shop recommendations useful. (Please note that Carrefour, Wal-mart, Tesco, or the member-based superstores such as Sam’s Club and Metro are not included, as this article tries to foucs on niche locations.) If your computer can read Chinese characters (better yet, if you can as well), try out Chachaba.com, Boigel.com or Google Maps for more in depth details on public transportation access.

1) Shenzhen Grocery (online)
This online store may seem a bit haphazard upon first glance, but it offers a delivery service to your residence, free if your order is above 300 RMB, and just 15 RMB if less than 300 RMB. They have an emphasis on seasonings, tinned/canned foods, dairy products and Italian foodstuffs, though according to their FAQ, you may send a request that they start selling products that you fancy.

Website: http://shenzhengrocery.cn
E-mail: Sales@shenzhengrocery.cn
Tel:135 5470 2805

2) Lohao City (organic; retail locations & online)
Based in Beijing, Lohao City (乐活城) prides itself in being in the organic foods/products industry. Among other major Chinese cities, Shenzhen currently has six Lohao City locations in different districts. I visited the Huangpu branch in Futian, and the store had a modest if pleasantly arranged and well-kempt collection of grains, sundries, dried foods, and fruit drinks/waters, among other items. Their website details the company’s history and gives their description of the term “organic,” and even mentions that they have their own organic farms in China. One may also place orders from their website, though it is a bit more complicated when not living in Beijing.     

Huangpu branchView In Map
Add: 2/F Huangpuyayuan Chamber, 317 Fuzhong Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel:  0755-8296-3069. 
Opening hours:08:30 – 21:30
Website: http://www.lohaocity.com/htdocs/epages.asp?id=51
Getting there: It is easily accessible by the #10 bus, alighting at its Futian terminus called Huangpu Yayuan Zongzhan (黄埔雅苑总站), and then walking two minutes north into the same complex with the Park ‘n’ Shop. 

3) Charlie’s Store USA & Co.View In Map
As the name suggests, Charlie’s is the place to go for harder-to-find edibles from the United States, as well as a smattering of goods from other countries. Although their Central Walk location in Futian closed earlier this year, Charlie’s hub in Shekou does a sufficient job of stocking (no-bake) cake and pastry mixes, sodas, candy, gherkins, sauces and jams, in addition to many other goods that would make most any “meiguoren” feel right at home.  

Add: Shop 8, 1/F Bitao Center, Taizi Lu, Shekou, Shenzhen
Getting there: The closest bus stop is Xin Shidai Guangchang (新时代广场), where buses 31, 204 and K204, among others, alight. Walk southwest until you reach a small square park, traverse the park towards the Park ‘n’ Shop, and then continue southwest along that strip of shops. 

4) Olé
Olé, a subsidiary of the Vanguard group, presently operates two large supermarkets in shopping mall basements in Shenzhen, as well as in other Chinese cities. They stock a much wider variety of goods than the previous entries, and are generally a bit more pleasant to meander through, with airy spaces and decent aisle room. Both Olé have produce and dairy areas, deli counters, bakeries, wine sections and cleaning and household items. Also present are a selection of chocolates, snacks and a large choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Luohu branchView In Map
Add:B48, the MixC, #1881, Bao’an Nanlu, Shenzhen  
Tel: 0755 8266 8166
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs & Sunday, 10:00 – 22:00; Fri & Sat, 10:00 - 22:30
Getting there:Metro Line 1 – Dajuyuan Station, numerous buses – 101, 223, double-decker bus #1, etc.

Nanshan branchView In Map
Add:Shennan Ave, #9028, Yitian Holiday Plaza (Near Windows of the World), Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 8629 8206
Getting there: Metro Line 1 – Shijie Zhichuang Station (Windows of the World), numerous buses – 101, 223, 234, 310, 311, 324, etc.


5) Yahya Halal SupermarketView In Map
Located in a neighborhood dominated by a Muslim(清真) presence that also includes a Muslim Hotel and Muslim restaurants, Yahya supermarket certainly serves its purpose, albeit modestly, for a growing transient population as well as locals who prefer the reassurance that all products in the store are indeed halal. Breads, snacks, canned goods, dairy, and drinks typify what is available once inside. Additionally, Yahya sells Muslim apparel such as shirts, robes and head coverings, quite evident from the store window. Just up Chunfeng Lu, a small halal butcher can be found.

Add:#2002-2, Gaojia Building 1/F, Chunfeng Rd, Luohu District, Shenzhen


Tel: 0755 8222-2887

Getting there: Wenjin Zhongxue(文锦中学) bus stop, #364, 372 or 381; Wenjin Nanlu (文锦南路) bus stop, #40, 83, 381

6) Nogogo (online)

Nogogo is a relatively new addition to the online ordering flock that has only recently been gaining more attention. To commence online ordering and delivery to your address, you must first register with your contact information. Categories by food/item type, for instance prepared food and baby products are on the left sidebar.  On the uppermost bar, foods are divided by region (Mexican, Italian), however clicking on the “Kosher” tab brought me to some curious non-representative items, such as imitation coconut extract and Ajax dishwashing liquid – as stated before, this is a nascent site, so hopefully they will work the kinks out in due time. One nice feature is the quick search box, and it seems they will eventually have a live support element.

Website: http://www.nogogo.com/index.php

E-mail: info@nogogo.com

Tel: 0755 2667-2080

7) McCawley’s Fine Meats (retail location & online)View In Map

This Shekou institution has been providing many an expat with delectable salami, ham, roast chicken, and many other meats since its inception. Sausages and meatloaf are made en situ, and they offer cheeses and wines to boot. You may choose to order online too, and free delivery is available to those living in Shenzhen, and at a fair price for other districts in Shenzhen. 

Add: 1F, Honlux Hotel, 32 Taizi Lu, Shekou, Shenzhen


Tel: 0755 2685 8295

Website: http://www.mccawleysfinemeats.com/

Getting there:Minghua Zhongxin (明华中心) bus stop, #70; Haiyang Dasha (海洋大厦) bus stop, #113 and 329, Airport #10; Xin Shidai Guangchang (新时代广场) bus stop, #31, 204 and K204; Haishang Shijie Zongzhan (海上世界总站) bus stop, # 22, 109 and M205 

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