Top Foreign Restaurants in Shenyang

Top Foreign Restaurants in Shenyang

Anyone living or traveling abroad occasionally wants to immerse themselves in the flavors of foreign cuisine, and to do so at somewhere a bit nicer than McDonalds. This feeling can be especially acute for expats living in Shenyang. The city is host to many restaurants, from Chinese street food vendors with takeaway containers and chopsticks, to the elegant foreign restaurants with fancy dining rooms and silverware. For this article, and for the foreigners in Shenyang yearning for familiar tastes, we’re going to focus on the latter type of eatery. Get ready to tuck in and fill up.


Paulaner BrauhausView In Map
Paulaner Brauhaus, located in the luxurious Kempinski Hotel near Youth Park, can be counted on for a fulfilling Bavarian meal and the best of Germany’s Paulaner beer brewing traditions. This restaurant is a unique attraction in Shenyang, featuring the only real Bavarian-style German mini-brewery in the city, and offering the best German beer in the region. The homemade German brew is pleasing to local Chinese professionals and expatriates alike, and it makes dining out at Paulaner Brauhaus a distinctive experience.

The Brauhaus bar is one of the largest of its kind in Shenyang. All year long, the in-house brewmaster from Germany is working to make the best German beer, personally ensuring the freshness and quality of the two draught beers that are available. If the light tasting Qingdao Chinese beer doesn’t cut it for you, firmly dark and delicious brews are waiting to be enjoyed, especially due to their ample flavor, body, and fizz. The Munich black beer is highly recommended. A range of schnapps is also offered for those that prefer a stronger, less filling alcoholic drink. The brewmaster also gladly gives personal tours of the brewery.

As you would anticipate from a German restaurant, the typical German cuisine is just delectable to the tongue. Most of the menu consists of Munich-style specialty dishes which are the Paulaner classics. Genuine recipes with German accuracy mean you will not be disappointed: nothing here is "close enough". The culinary spotlight is on meats and cheeses. Yearning for some good German sausages? The Nuremberg sausages and wiener schnitzel are delivered directly from the German butchery in Beijing, and set along with various types of breads and pretzels. A Bavarian barbecue assortment of cold dishes will make your mouth water! Hog roast and pork knuckles with sauerkraut are served in cast iron pans. The escalopes also come highly recommended. A meat platter, German potato salad, escalope of veal and four beers would be enough for a party of four, costing a total of 450 RMB. For a restaurant situated in a five star hotel, it is a reasonable enough price. German sausages and live music every evening make the atmosphere here more akin to a bar.

A Filipino band provides live music from 20:30-00:20, and there is a dance floor available for patrons who feel the urge to strut their stuff. Although this creates a lively atmosphere, the restaurant is big enough for customers to escape the noise by retreating to the quiet and privacy behind the bar area. Authentic Bavarian festivals are incorporated into Paulaner’s schedule of events during the year, including Asparagus Week, the tradition of Oktoberfest and beer festivals. On the whole, the atmosphere is long-established and laid-back, with an emphasis on efficiency and prompt service. A great place to go when you’re hungry and thirsty.

Add: Kempinski Hotel, No.109 Qing Nian Da Jie, Shenhe District, Shenyang
地址: 沈阳市沈河区青年大街109号
Tel: 024 2298 8988
Opening hours: 11:30 - 1:00



Lombardi’s Fine Pizza and Grill View In Map

If your desire is for a little bit of Italy, then the right place to hit in Shenyang would be Lombardi’s Fine Pizza and Grill. This quaint, tiny restaurant is on the third floor of the InterContinental Hotel, and has a good reputation with connoisseurs of fine Italian food. Lombardi’s, the InterContinental Hotel’s premier restaurant, offers fine Italian cuisine and Texas-styled steaks, heaps of pasta dishes, and thick crust pizzas. Many expats are attracted to the Texas-perfect steaks. Dimly lit by candles, the zest of the staff and the coziness of the interior are a rare find in China’s second tier cities. Lombardi’s features an open pizza and grill kitchen.

All steaks are 100% U.S. beef, and along with the meat lovers menu, delicious grilled seafood is also served. There are also plenty of barbeque options and even vegetarians are in luck – the restaurant provides a range of grilled, stir fried and barbequed vegetarian dishes for non-meat eaters.

The meals are a bit on the expensive side, with a two course meal with drinks coming to over 200 RMB, but if you want a change of ambiance from the normal foreign fast food restaurants then you will not mind the cost.

Add: No. 208 Nanjing Bei Jie, Heping District, Shenyang
地址: 沈阳市和平区南京北街208号
Tel: 024 2334 1999
Opening hours: 17:30 - 23:00

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