A Slice of Creamy Heaven: Shanghai’s Best Cheesecakes

A Slice of Creamy Heaven: Shanghai’s Best Cheesecakes
By Andrea Scarlatelli , eChinacities.com

While chocolate desserts usually get all the attention, there are some alternatives out there for the less cocoa inclined. One such treat is a good old-fashioned slice of cheesecake, basically because there are so many variations on the “original” that everyone’s bound to find a flavour combination to love. And although you may not automatically think “China” when you think of cheesecake, rest assured that in this diverse city, anything is possible. Read on for a sample of the best ones in the city.

1) Boxing Cat Brewery
The owner’s Texas origins make it a natural stop for authentic desserts. The irony only comes into play when you see the “New York Style” label slapped on their cheesecake (42 RMB). They are true to their word, however, which basically means that the slices are big, the cake is tall, and the creamy consistency can only be achieved by using an inordinate amount of cream cheese. In other words: delicious.

Yong Fu BranchView In Map
Add: 82 Fuxing Lu, near Yongfu Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市复兴路82号, 近永福路
Tel: 021 6431 2091
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 17:00-02:00; Fri, 15:00-02:00; Sat-Sun, 11:00-02:00

2) Wagas
Everyone’s favourite coffee and dessert pit stop wouldn’t be complete without their tasty – and surprisingly reasonably priced – slice of cheesecake (20 RMB). Like everything at Wagas, the cheesecake looks absolutely perfect and tastes only slightly less-than-so. The consistency is smooth while avoiding the excessive sugar and cloying richness trap that many bakeries around the city tend to do.

Branch LocationView In Map
Add: B/F, Citic Square, near Jiangning Lu, 1168 Nanjing Xilu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 5292 5228
Opening hours: Daily, 07.30-22:00

3) HoF View In Map
HoF is many things, but one thing it is not is plain. And so the ordinary cheesecake gets a sophisticated remake in the form of its Matcha Cheesecake (38 RMB). The matcha, a finely-produced Japanese green tea, lends the cheesecake not only its unique colour (a marbled cream and sea green that could practically pass as a piece of art) but also cuts the sweetness in favour of an earthy musk.

Add: 30 Sinan Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市思南路30号, 近淮海中路
Tel: 021 6093 2058
Opening hours: Tue-Thu, 11:00-24:00; Fri-Sat, 11:00-01:00; Sun, 11:00-24:00

4) Julie’s Bistro
Not the most sophisticated cheesecake offering in the bunch, Julie’s Bistro certainly serves it up large, soft, and with endless bells and whistles that, frankly, makes eating dessert fun again. Available in three different varieties (38 RMB a slice), they all come with copious amounts of whipped cream. Julie’s Cheesecake, the “basic” version, is drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauces and topped with cherries. The Chocolate version replaces the strawberry sauce with more chocolate. And the Blueberry Cheesecake (my favourite) is topped with a generous layer of blueberry compote and fresh blueberries. Whatever variety you opt to try, you won’t be walking away unsatisfied.

Branch LocationView In Map
Add: 2nd Floor, Shanghai World Financial Center, 100 Shiji Da Dao, near Dongtai Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市世纪大道100号, 上海环球金融中心2楼, 近东泰路
Tel: 021 6877 9198
Opening hours: Daily, 08:00-24:00

5) Bricco Cafe View In Map
It is (generally) a good bet that Italian restaurants know a thing or two about cheesecake. Opting away from the American style, which uses cream cheese as the filling’s base, Italian style cheesecake typically uses ricotta, which gives it a lighter, more airy consistency. This is exactly what you get with Bricco Cafe’s Cheesecake Della Tina (38 RMB), which is made fresh, in-house, every day.

Add: 158 Chengdu Nan Lu , near Huaihai Zhong Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市成都南路158号, 近淮海中路,地铁1号线黄陂南路站一号口
Tel: 021 6387 9188
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 09:00-24:00

6) Gourmet CornerView In Map
While their Original Cheesecake is certainly scrumptious on its own, it’s Gourmet Corner’s Pumpkin Cheesecake that gets the masses salivating. Particularly popular around American Thanksgiving and Christmas, this creamy concoction spiced with nutmeg and fresh pumpkin is a comforting twist to an old classic. Call for whole pie prices.

Add: 1st Floor, Hilton Shanghai, 250 Huashan Lu, near Changshu Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市华山路250号1楼 近常熟路
Tel: 021 6248 0000
Opening hours: Daily, 08:00-22:00

7) Le Jardin SecretView In Map
A hidden gem among cozy restaurants, Le Jardin Secret’s candlelit atmosphere is a perfect place in which to make yourself acquainted with their rich, mild cheesecake. The dense filling is never too sweet and is complemented by the thick graham cracker crust that holds it all together. Never too sugary or overpowering, this cheesecake is perfect for those wanting a less intrusive dessert.

Add: 525 Fahuazhen Lu, near Xianghuaqiao Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 6082 1775
Opening hours: Daily, 11:00am-12:00am

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