Great Seaside Hotels to Stay at in Sanya

Great Seaside Hotels to Stay at in Sanya

As you touch down in Hainan Island’s beautiful coastal city of Sanya, the first thing you’re going to want to do after your long flight is find your hotel quickly so you can unpack and start relaxing. Luckily, there are countless first-rate hotels, inns and seaside apartments to choose from in Sanya, and we've decided to tell you about four of the best. The places we found not only provide the comforts of home, but also provide great views of the ocean that one can only find in Sanya!

1) Sunshine Holiday Hotel in Sanya Bay 三亚湾阳光假日公寓 View In Map
The Sanya Bay Sunshine Holiday Apartments are located on Sanya Bay at the Jinjiling Lu interchange, in the upscale Haijing community at the Lanhai Garden. It is right next to the beach (only 20m away) and the downtown area (at Jiefang Lu) is right up the street, so getting around is extremely convenient. Near the front entrance of the hotel there are a bunch of Western restaurants and cafes to wine and dine at between your frequent trips to the beach. The hotel has many oceanfront rooms available, making this a great choice for the traveler who wants to relax in their bed and stare into the ocean’s endlessness at the same time. All rooms have A/C, TV, and 24-hour hot water. Outside, there is a hot springs to go swimming in, tennis courts, and walking paths.

Add: Lanhai Garden 2, Sanyawan Lu, Sanya
Tel: 0898 8827 2260
Price: 250-298 RMB
Getting there: The No. 2 and 4 buses both stop at the "west stop" (西站), then follow Jinjiling Lu toward the highway next to the coast. You can also ride the coach bus from the airport or take the No. 8 bus to get there.

2) Mokashiguang Seaside Apartments 三亚摩卡时光海景公寓 View In Map
The Mokashiguang Seaside Apartments are also located at Lanhai Garden in the upscale Haijing community. The hotel is about 60 metres from the coast so the ocean-facing rooms all have great views. After a day spent sight-seeing, bring back some drinks and relax outside on your hotel room’s balcony, or chat with some friends inside while you prepare your own meal (using locally purchased tropical fruits of course!) in the attached kitchen. The outside facilities are really nice too; there is a swimming pool, a central garden, tennis courts, and a small local market nearby, and if you venture a little ways further out, there are many cafes, bars, Japanese restaurants, and seafood stands to sample. 

Add: Complex G, Lanhai Garden 3 Sanyawan Lu, Sanya
Tel:0898 3889 2650
Price: 108-498 RMB
Getting There: The No. 2 and 4 buses both stop at the "west stop" (西站), then follow Jinjiling Lu toward the highway next to the coast. You can also ride the coach bus from the airport or take the No. 8 bus to get there.

3) Lanhai Residential Pavilion 蓝海居亭 View In Map
The Lanhai Residential Pavilion is located on the east coast of Sanya, in the Jinling Haijing Garden community at the base of Luhuitou Hill. The hotel is very much five-star quality; each room has a balcony facing the ocean, and at night you can relax and watch the moonlight reflect off Dalong Harbor. The hotel’s manager really paid attention to the details when the rooms were renovated; many luxurious touches were added to each suite that makes the décor feel super classy and modern. This hotel is a great choice for mid-to-high-end travelers and honeymooning newlyweds who are looking for a bit of elegance during their stay in Sanya. Each room has its own LCD TV, refrigerator, washer, A/C, 24-hour hot water, high-speed wireless, and kitchen. Outside, the hotel has a swimming pool, Ping-Pong tables, and a teahouse.

Add: Jinglinghaijing Garden Community, on the coast of Dadonghai, Sanya
Tel:0898 3826 4166
Price: 300-360 RMB
Getting There: On Yuya Lu (榆亚路) in Sanya, you can ride the No. 8 from the airport, the No. 4 from the railway station, or the No. 15 from East Station at Yalong Harbor (亚龙湾). Also tour buses go to the Jinlinghaijing Garden Community.  

4) Haihua Vacation Houses 海花度假公寓 View In Map
The Haihua Vacation Houses consists of 32 suites, including eight 3-bedroom suites, four 2-bedroom suites, and 20 one-bedroom suites. Each suite has its own A/C, water heater, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, broadband Internet and LCD TV. Also, as an added bonus, each suite has comfortable rocking chairs on the balcony, so when you feel exhausted from a big day out, you can go home, sit down, kick your feet up and relax. The lodging’s facilities are top notch! Outside, there is a swimming pool, Ping-Pong tables, a multi-purpose conference hall, and a children’s play area.

Add: Lanhaihaoyuan B Building 10 Haihua Lu, on the coast of Dadonghai, Sanya, (diagonally opposite of the Yintai Hotel)
Tel: 0898 6660 0399
Price: 200-680 RMB 

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