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congratulations. you are officially a sex pest by asking for content of a sexual nature to be posted. you have really out-done yourself. All I have wanted to do is warn women that there is a very high chance that they will be sexually harassed in China, especially if they are foreign, and all you have done is press me for 'evidence' of sexual nature to be posted to you. You are EXACTLY the problem to warn women about. The sad thing is that you will probably never see that you have a serious problem when it comes to women. no doubt in your mind all women 'deserve' to be harassed.

May 19, 2021 13:38 Report Abuse



seeing as you like to copy/paste, here are reports of sexual harassment in China.............................

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even Chinese students are speaking out against harassment:

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so you are the 'victim' now? You know a bit of courtesy while interacting online engenders courtesy. I have maintained a civil manner, while there are some posters who go directly to insults and name-calling in an attempt to stop a conversation. Now YOU are behaving like a sex pest, no better than the men who harass women on the street. Warning women who visit China to be aware and careful of this problem is what women do to help each other , yet you seem indifferent to this. By shouting 'racist' and 'Bully' you are no better than the men who shout obscenities after women in the street so you are hardly in a position to play 'victim'. here is another link - which i know you will enjoy.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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"Survey released on eve of International Women's Day reveals more than 80 percent have suffered workplace abuse" .......................

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@Sorrel You are a truly disgusting person who loves making a lies , cannot logically prove existence. Look at the mirror- Liars get extremely angry when confronted with proof of their falsehoods. They often unwilling to do something at innocent questions about their fabrications. Many pathological liars believe their lies and find it more comfortable to lie than tell the truth. ... When questioned or confronted, they revert to anger and hostility.

May 19, 2021 14:02 Report Abuse



I have worked in most European countries, but it was only in China that I was sexually harassed on the streets every day. Could it be that in Europe, men don't tolerate this behaviour, yet in China men get VERY upset and defensive when anyone complains about it. What is more, in China men (in a really creepy way) don't see anything wrong in this and get VERY upset when women complain. There is a term for this, but as I don't indulge in name-calling online, (it being a sign of poor manners) and you like to do internet searches, you can find this out for yourself.

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Where is your so call claim whereby you are sexually being harassed? No evidence still after 6 days? What a joke? Your attempt to divert attention to cover up your LIES is a complete shame.

May 19, 2021 14:05 Report Abuse



Where is your report on whereby you are being sexually being harassed? are nothing more than a liar....

May 19, 2021 14:07 Report Abuse



Without evidence, Sorrel@liar@antichinasentiments@selffrabricatedstories@negativevibes

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and you are behaving like a typical sex pest, those who i have ben describing. how do you want the evidence? i REALLY must have triggered something in you if you deny the experience of THOUSANDS of women. Your continued 'demand' for evidence says it all about your attitude to women. You are upset when I say China is not safe for foreign women, yet you give me no indication you are concerned about nothing other than your 'hurt feelings' when I recount not only my experience but share the experience of many, including those who have had their experience brought to public attention via news channels. but no doubt you are prepared to believe MANY things you don't experience directly without 'evidence', but because my comments challenge your perception of China's safety you are prepared to deny something that is clearly outside your experience. Maybe it is BECASUE I DARE to question things about life in China that you are so 'upset; and 'demanding'. I have sent you a few of the MANY news reports of sexual harassment in China. But you will probably ignore them, because they are an inconvenient truth, and will continue to behave like the very sex-pest that I have described.

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I will take your comments as a badge of honour. Truth usually receives such responses as yours.

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Stop divert attention, where is the proof whereby you are sexually harassed? No proof still?

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Without evidence, Sorrel@liar@antichinasentiments@selffrabricatedstories@negativevibes What is so difficult to report it in the embassy of the country where you are from? Are you being worries being questioned to provide evidence?

May 19, 2021 14:28 Report Abuse



Without evidence, Sorrel@liar@antichinasentiments@selffrabricatedstories@negativevibes What is so difficult to report it in the embassy of the country where you are from? Are you being worries being questioned to provide evidence?

May 19, 2021 14:29 Report Abuse



I rest my case. I suppose you would not believe your sister/mother/cousin/girl-friend/wife either. no woman would give such evidence to anyone other than a police official or a lawyer if not personally known to someone. To me you are no better than the perverts who harass women on the street. And you certainly are not a good example of a Chinese man (if that is what you are), or ANY man. To continually ask for such evidence puts a man in the same category of those who get sexual gratification from watching porn. Is that what you need? It is sad when a man has to resort to harassing women online to feel good about themselves. Whereas caring enough about strangers to warn them that this (sexual harassment on the street) happens, and how to keep themselves safe is the human thing to do.

May 19, 2021 14:35 Report Abuse



The world is full of liar and you are no better than someone who enjoy writing fake stories without any proof to backup your accusation. From now onwards, without evidence, you are irrelevant to me until you provide clear police report or report from your embassy. sorrel@liar@antichinasentiments@selffrabricatedstories@negativevibes What is so difficult to report it in the embassy of the country where you are from? Are you being worried being questioned to provide evidence? Do you expect people to believe You with just trash talk? Who do you think you are by the way?

May 19, 2021 14:38 Report Abuse



I don't need to go to my embassy, All I need to do is bring this interaction to my local police station and take things from there. The internet is a great thing, and the police can do so much about determining the location of the abuser/harasser. Thankfully the police in my country take this sort of online content seriously and tolerance is low. You can call me all the names you want, and abuse me all you want. At the end of the day your words do nothing but reflect on you and your character, as keeping civil online, even with someone you disagree with, is VERY easy. It is rule no.1 of the internet - keep it cilvi (which not only have I done, but I have also advised you to do so)

May 19, 2021 14:40 Report Abuse



good to know i made an impact. maybe you will be more aware of your behavior on the street, and the behavior of other men towards women. You have been irrelevant to me the whole time, just a source of entertainment and amusement. Have a nice day.

May 19, 2021 14:43 Report Abuse



Enough have been said, but you love to provoke and create trouble since 2020. I will not blame a liar like you who are without any moral ground. Your behavior is unacceptable, by intimidating behavior that would reasonably cause a person to be harmful or hurt. Stop wasting your time, it's high time that you mirrored yourself. Your unethical action that is strong, aggressive, or provocative even if it is not directed at anyone is a big shame to yourself.

May 19, 2021 14:48 Report Abuse



As usual, cheap/ rubbish talk not until a police report is provided. LOL

May 19, 2021 14:52 Report Abuse



You should mirror yourself, you should stop blaming others or fabricating or manipulate fake stories to cover up failure in your life. Stop poisoning others with your LIES.

May 19, 2021 14:56 Report Abuse



good to know you still care enough to respond. Adults can accept difficult conversations on difficult topics. Children get upset easily and resort to name calling in an attempt to close a conversation. I really like the 'no i'm not you are' response. This is another way people try to close a conversation. PLEASE keep it up. I am not ashamed for wanting women to be aware to keep themselves safe in China. Do you want women, both foreign and local women to be safe in China? Do you want then to be aware of what treatment to expect from strangers in China and how best to protect themselves? Do you even LIKE women enough to care about their safety, especially strangers who you have not met, and probably won't meet? Do you not consider the sexual harassment of women a problem? Do you not CARE about the safety of women in China? I don't really expect you to answer any of these questions because you will default to the 'hurt' position. Caring about 51% of the world's population seems to offend some people - why is that? Just asking.......

May 19, 2021 14:56 Report Abuse