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you are entitled to believe and think what you want, as am I. My life experiences are just as valid as yours. I don't need to demand evidence from you on any of your life experiences that you recount. Do you want photo's, witness statements, evidence? Would you demand the same from a sister/mother/cousin, or is it that just because I have shared some uncomfortable truths that you are so triggered? Such lack of empathy in another human is so sad.

May 12, 2021 20:13 Report Abuse



It's so pathetic that your never learn to "mind your own business " despite being ignored previously. Guess who are one attempting to create problem here. I never waste anytime commenting your comment even I disagreed. You have no moral ground at all when you wrote few provoking comments. There's no one to blame other than yourself.

May 12, 2021 20:14 Report Abuse



Please enlighten with proof, don't forget to go your embassy to lodge a report too. Lol

May 12, 2021 20:17 Report Abuse



this is a public forum and i have enjoyed reading your comments. You are hardly on the 'high moral ground' with the language you have used. So you are now blaming me (a woman) for being the recipient of sexual harassment ? Got to hand it to you, just when I thought your comments had reached a new low with ANY lack of basic humanity, you out-do yourself. !! Well done, you are a credit to guys everywhere !!

May 12, 2021 20:20 Report Abuse



If you expect others to treat you nicely, be courteous. It seems like you fail to learn it at school or at home. Did you learn this from school whereby you get rewarded by provoking? Lol.

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at least i learnt not to resort to name-calling, or abusive language when responding to people online, unlike....... wait a minute, did someone with the name of 'Kenneth_taytc' call what i wrote 'bullshit', or call it 'barking' or call me a 'wild stray dog'? I understand that is some cultures such langauge it is deemed offensive or insulting, to use such language, the sort of language that it is easy to use when not face to face with someone. Pot - kettle. Certainly not the langauge of someone who wants to be thought a civil and courteous person, Thankfully i was taught to keep things civil.

May 12, 2021 20:34 Report Abuse



If you have not provoke and challenge with reply, these can be avoided. Guess who replied with three provoking remarks with the expectation to create confusion? You deserve being treated such a way since you asked for it. You can write whatever in the forum as long as you do not simply jump into one's wall to provoke others. Enough have been said. Good luck to you.

May 12, 2021 20:44 Report Abuse



So you think some people 'deserve' to be abused? do you also think some women 'ask' to be raped or harassed? You have consistently used abusive language, failed to address points raised and ignored questions. at least you are consistent in your responses and don't fail to disappoint. Congratulations you have managed to lower the bar again for men everywhere! Such a fine example of masculinity you are. Have a nice life - LOL

May 12, 2021 20:50 Report Abuse



You heard it here folks - the poster 'Kenneth_taytc' thinks that women 'deserve' to be harassed and abused. Clearly recounting not only my experiences but the experiences of other foreign women in China 'deserves' all the abuse we receive, because we don't have proof or evidence. And people wonder why China has such a bad image if this poster is an example of Asian males and their attitude to women !! YAY CHINA !!!

May 12, 2021 20:56 Report Abuse



@kenneth_taytc ... Very brave as an anon poster online, are you? Using peasant's English at academic discussion ... WOOW!

May 12, 2021 23:18 Report Abuse



u think this article isn't propaganda? get a clue Kenneth

May 13, 2021 09:57 Report Abuse



Almost 4 days have passed and still without any evidence surfacing. By looking at the trend of your negative comments and the way you hopping into someone's comment to provoke unnecessary dispute. A claim remains a lies until proven otherwise. If someone fabricates information, they invent it in order to deceive people.

May 17, 2021 12:11 Report Abuse



Do you want me to post pictures and give you sworn evidence? do you want witness statements of me being groped, 'up-skirted', verbally abused? Of course Kenneth, ALL women make up these stories because of course we 'deserve' to be sexually harassed, abused, have insults thrown at us by brave 'men' such as yourself. And of course we take evidence of EVERY incident, no matter how minor. Sure we are only women and of no value. All the rapes, physical assaults, sexual harassment and so on that women experience not only in China, but in EVERY country in the world - sure they are ALL lies because they don't have your 'evidence seal of approval' that you need. You can ignore the experience of women in China if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Why are you so triggered? Is it because I have recounted an uncomfortable truth about what life is like in China for women? In my experience a REAL man would at the very least be concerned as his girl-friend/wife/mother/sister could also be subject to similar sexually harassment. but that's ok if you don't care about women. (Maybe you prefer men, I don't know, and you know that's ok if you do prefer men - there is nothing wrong with that), and maybe this means that you don't care about women. I know caring about strangers and their safety is inconvenient. What an example of masculine virtues you are ! Please continue sharing your insights in how to behave - I am trying to understand your logic. Could it be that you are one of these men who thinks it is ok to grope a woman, verbally insult her as you pass her? Maybe you are a man that ACTUALLY does this to women and thinks nothing of it. Maybe you think for men to behave this way is ok, and that women should just accept everything a man does to her. Maybe you think it is ok for a husband to hit and abuse his wife and what triggers you is a woman who stands up. Who knows? I would like you to tell us which it is. Whatever the case is, your response does you no credit as a man. a man who thinks a woman 'deserves' to be sexually abused/harassed as you do (you did actually say this) "You deserve being treated such a way since you asked for it. " - your words. I am trying to understand what upsets you so much about me recounting something that THOUSANDS of women experience every day. I feel sorry for you and your sensitive attitude. I suggest you spend some time in a 'safe space' where you don't have to be confronted by the reality that thousands experience every day without the benefit of a man such as yourself to tell us to 'put up or shut up' or 'if you don';t like China then you can leave'. Your wisdom is noted !!

May 17, 2021 14:40 Report Abuse



keep digging your hole Kenneth !

May 17, 2021 14:41 Report Abuse



I can comment on a woman's right to share her experiences of sexual harassment by 'beta males' for as long as you want. (clearly what I would call an 'alpha male' a man who would neither harass women or get 'upset' when women share their experiences of being harassed) You have the right to respond as you want. if you think women 'deserve' to be harassed, then that's ok, because that is your opinion and you have a right to it and a right to express it. And as long as women are sexually harassed and abused, I will continue to highlight this, especially to women who may be thinking of working in China. This is just to flag to them, that Chinese men think nothing of sexually harassing women on the street whereas in MANY other countries (and possibly their home country) women can walk down the street without having to be worried about being groped, 'up-skirted' and verbally abused, so they know to be prepared for it when in China. But maybe you don't want women to be prepared......... or do you not want women to be aware of this problem in China? just saying.

May 17, 2021 15:33 Report Abuse



the way the poster 'kenneth_taytc' is looking for pictures of the numerous times Chinese guys groped me (the 'evidence' he is looking for) is more than a bit creepy . LOL So Kenneth, do you LIKE pictures of women being groped or sexually harassed? Just asking. What other 'evidence; would you like? footage caught on phones so you can watch it over and over again? a graphic description you can read many times at your leisure? of course there is NOTHING creepy or perverted wanting 'evidence' of women being sexually harassed, (IF you are a police official or a solicitor that is). Which are you? Legitimate question, (and I will need the evidence IF you are either of these) I am a very patient person.

May 17, 2021 16:55 Report Abuse



Well, history never lies, looking at the history and the trend of your comments, you just love to provoke, bully. I ignored you since 2020, silent doesn't mean you can take advantage with your bully nature. . Who cares, it's such a pity people like you live in a world full of lies and negative vibes. 5 days have passed and yet there are no evidence to substantiate your claim rather than asking from sympathy. You just a bigots, racist. I read and and have seen many people like you in facebook, youtube article. If you can't produce any evidence on what you have just said, it's tantamount to trash, lies and accusation. It's so pathetic, I guess you have failed your life in your country that you move into China and eventually China fail to satisfy your expectation so on you left for your own country. You should spend time wisely by writing fake stories that will earn you some pocket money. I don't really care what you post if u have not hopped into my comment here and provoke with an attempt to brainwash your "universal lie". I suggest be part of the anti China team, that will probably enrich your pocket rather wasting you time here producing rubbish talk. Link : This part of a proposed $300 million "countering China's influence fund"

May 18, 2021 10:50 Report Abuse



Where are the evidence? Clock ticking

May 18, 2021 10:54 Report Abuse



Painful truth: Negative people love coming into your cubicle and saying things like, “Have you heard the terrible news about….”, after which they fill you in on all the gory details. Negative people tend to whine a lot, convinced that the whole world is against them. They are usually the victim of lousy weather, a difficult boss, bad luck, and their upbringing. They rarely step back to look at other factors – such as a lack of energy, creativity or simply hard work.

May 18, 2021 11:04 Report Abuse



still looking for evidence of a sexual assault/harassment on a woman? Wow ! not at all creepy or perverted ! Maybe you should try the internet if you are into looking at that kind of thing. Your own personal taste will no doubt be catered for. (again I am not making any judgement as to what you are into - each to his own I say) !! Here is a friendly hint - asking women for evidence of anything of a sexual nature online is considered a criminal offence in many countries (here all i have to do is go to the police with all the comments you have posted so far and file a complaint - the internet is a great thing) - especially if you are not personally known to the woman. That is considered 'stalking' at the very least. But then I wonder if you have ANY respect for women - why else would you keep demanding anything of a remotely sexual nature from me? Are you hoping to 'jerk-off' on anything I send you? Your insistence that I send you something is beginning to sound like you are......... Just keep digging you hole.

May 18, 2021 13:49 Report Abuse



thanks Kenneth. All you have is name calling? so I am a bully and a racist now? is that the best you have? Thomas Sowell wrote "The word 'racism' is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything - and demanding evidence makes you a 'racist.' I don;t care in the least what you think of me, you mean so little to me other than being amusing and insightful into the mind of someone who probably has not travelled beyond their village. It seems the reality for many thousands of women in China means as little to you as well. Just because you are not a woman you immediately dismiss experiences of women. You can believe what you like and I owe you nothing. And i see you are still posing links - thank you ! PLEASE keep posting comments to me. I never thought I would meet someone with so little empathy or humanity. But that is the great thing about life - the endless variety of people in the world. and it is meeting people like you that make me thankful of all the great people I REALLY know - people who are not so aggressive and don't default to abuse and name-calling as quickly as you do. Do you really dislike women so much that you will abuse them online? Just asking.

May 18, 2021 14:00 Report Abuse



NEVER think a woman is an easy target. In my experience it is the 'beta' males who TRY to bully women. 'Alpha' males have more confidence than that. Calling me names rather than responding with a logical response says more about you than you seem to think. You are no better (in my opinion) than the men who sexually harass women, who call us names, who try to grope us, who try to silence us - who think women 'deserve' to be treated like this if we are not passive and silent. With every response to me that involves name calling, 'demands' for 'evidence', abuse - you are showing yourself for who you are. Could it be that you are one of these 'beta' males that think casual misogyny as displayed by the men who sexually harass women on the street is ok and that I am shining a light on your behaviour? I seriously doubt you would have the courage to say the same things to me (or any woman) face to face, whereas I have had these conversations with guys in real life, and guess what - they LISTEN and can discuss these things rationally without EVER 'demanding' evidence. We don't always agree, but we keep a level of civility that you seem to lack. Some of these guys admit that they have even witnessed these behaviours towards women for themselves (when in China) AND intervened. I really doubt you would do this as you can't even seem to have a civil conversation without resorting to abusive and bullying langauge. I would feel sorry for you in a way, but you are not worth the thought. As I said, your responses are amusing, so PLEASE keep it up. I know you will try 'gaslighting' me, but that is par for the course in China when a difficult question is asked !!

May 18, 2021 15:45 Report Abuse



Do you have evidence to substantiate your claim? Yes / No? Yes: To provide evidence No: Continue beating around the bushes (Option that you choose to avoid or to cover up your lies) It isn't that difficult to provide any evidence after all. By all means , learn how to do proper video with green screen. It will definitely be more convincing rather than your cheap trash and rubbish talk.

May 19, 2021 10:17 Report Abuse



Walk to your embassy and report it then. Enough have been said, any tom dick and harry can write anything and you are no by exceptional. When someone talk without any form of proof, there's no validity to believe it until it's proven. Again, i learn simple rule, if you wish someone to respect you, learn how to be polite, non provocative. At least try not to bully someone by hopping into someone's wall by commenting something that is offensive. Poor you, you have failed all these simple rules. The history of your comment reveal your true color and any attempt to ask for sympathy will only to cover up your embarassment here. You have repeatedly hop into my comment with an attempt to humiliate and bully me since 2020. It's such a pathetic that someone like you with a thick skin who have not learnt any lesson, despite being ignore multiple times, still behave like someone without moral ground. All your comments is anti China, be a productive person. As THOMAS HON WING POLIN astutely notes: . "During their two centuries of global domination, Western powers have consciously and otherwise brainwashed the world with the notion that West Is Best. Your failure to recognize prejudices, accept responsibility, and be better is a key reason why racism is still so persistent today. Stop wasting time on something which does not earn you any pocket money. Here's a huge chunk of money, be part of the anti China rhetoric army: Link : This part of a proposed $300 million "countering China's influence fund"

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Plainful truth : 1. People like you who are negative are likely to be over sensitive to criticism, even taking compliments the wrong way. They interpret innocent remarks as being condescending or rude (by simple hopping into someone's comment by inviting trouble with provocative remark) . 2. Having said earlier on, it's such a pity your life have been uneventful. If the country of your origin can provide you with a better opportunities, I don't think you will consider working overseas. None of the countries are perfect ( including your mother land ), it's so pitiful that China fail to meet your expectation and you left with the ill intention. Lack of success could be due to many factors including the one mentioned here, but negativity is a main cause in your life. Again, this is the choice that you have chosen...NEGATIVITY. You may write anything as you wish in your wall and stop poisoned your negativity in my comment. It's not being welcomed at all.

May 19, 2021 11:00 Report Abuse