Survey Dissects 10 Major Problems of Chinese Society

Survey Dissects 10 Major Problems of Chinese Society
Sep 18, 2014 By

The most significant social problem in China today is ‘lack of faith’, according to a survey conducted by the People’s Tribune, a magazine subsidiary of the state-run People’s Daily.

The survey, which asked participants to rate significance of various social problems, showed that 80 percent of respondents believe Chinese society is ‘unhealthy’. 40.4 percent believe that a lack of credibility is a major problem, citing untrustworthy and unethical behavior of government officials as a major issue.

Furthermore, about a third of participants believe that extreme, violent and anti-social behavior is a major problem, with ‘growing social inequality and feeling of deprivation’ believed to be the main cause.

Here is the full list:

1) Lack of Faith- 55.3%

2) “Bystander attitude" or indifference- 48.7%

3) Anxiety over work, life and future- 44.5%

4) Habitual distrust- 40.4%

5) Ostentation- 38.9%

6) Reveling in scandals- 36.5%

7) Hedonism- 34.5%

8) Extreme, violent and anti-social behaviors-32.6%

9) Addiction to the Internet-30.2%

10) Masochism, complaints about the Party and state system-28.6%

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For a land without any form of religion for over half a century, the majority poorly educated both academically and ethically, is that any surprise?

Sep 22, 2014 23:01 Report Abuse



Ok interesting but what survey, how many respondents? A good start, some Chinese recognise their own problems, the first step is awaremenss. I can just see the Chinese Anonymous meetings My name is Xiao Xiao Ting Ting and I am a(n incurable) Chinese ....

Sep 20, 2014 12:38 Report Abuse