New ‘Ideology’ Guidelines Imposed on Top Universities

New ‘Ideology’ Guidelines Imposed on Top Universities
Sep 01, 2014 By

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Peking, Fudan and Sun Yat-sen universities- three of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the country are to publish new ‘ideological plans’, through three essays written by the Party Committees of the prospective universities.

The articles will place an emphasis on Marxism in academia, reports ecns, as well as guidelines on ‘using new media to build new platforms’, ‘guiding teaching staff’s healthy growth’ and ‘creating a practical and healthy atmosphere on campus’.

The essays are part of a larger movement to combat the ‘dangerous trend’ of liberal professors teaching their own views rather than the prescribed ‘proper ideological guidance’.

Strengthening government control through propaganda stands alongside stamping out corruption as one of two key strategies of Xi Jinping’s administration.

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Pure Marxism in the classroom, pure capitalism in the meeting room.

Jul 23, 2015 09:59 Report Abuse



Marxism in academia?! Exclusive capitalism in the streets...

Jul 23, 2015 05:08 Report Abuse



Wait until his new initiative to get city folks out into the countryside for some honest work, fresh air and exercise. Then everyone will be issued their very own "little red book" to remind them of what is right and wrong. That and "stamping out corruption" of his own personal and political enemies will make for a glorious and harmonious Cultural Revolution Deux.

Sep 02, 2014 18:09 Report Abuse



wait there is more. not only are our universities inferior but they are also used to teach you how to be good comm... capit.... followers of your new gods

Sep 01, 2014 20:46 Report Abuse



It is good to see the CCP focusing on the important issues. The mass poverty in the west of the country can wait.

Sep 01, 2014 19:55 Report Abuse