Man With Home-made Explosive Device Injures 4 at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Man With Home-made Explosive Device Injures 4 at Shanghai Pudong Airport
Jun 13, 2016 By

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A man set off a home-made explosive on Sunday at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, injuring four people as well as himself. He threw a beer bottle containing explosives near check-in counter C in the airport’s Terminal 2.

The man then pulled a dagger from his backpack and stabbed himself in the neck. Four passengers received minor injuries from falling debris and have been taken the hospital for treatment.

An eyewitness said that they heard several loud noises and saw smoke rising near the check-in counters. A few people on the scene were injured and bloody.

Armed police rushed to the scene and apprehended the perpetrator.

The incident affected three outgoing flights. The case is currently under investigation.


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Sai Ko

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... after consuming contents of said beer bottle.

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Odd, wumaos aren't out in force attacking this guy. But a foreigner gets into an accident and automatically he's a rapist!

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