Forrest Gump: Man Visits Every Chinese Province During 26-Year Mega Run

Forrest Gump: Man Visits Every Chinese Province During 26-Year Mega Run
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53-year-old Xiao Xian'guogrew up inDianchong Village in Hunan Province. When he was young, he was constantly sick and struggled to keep up with him studies. When he finished high-school however, Xiao decided to try and get healthy by running every day to and from nearby Zhijiang County for farming supplies—a distance of about 30km.

In 1986, Xiao came up with the crazyidea of running all over China; stating that he wanted to keep fit and enjoy the sights his country had to offer. Over the next 27 years, Xiao ran an average of 70km a day, eventually passing through every province, municipality and autonomous region (and even visiting the borders of Myanmar, Vietnam, North Korea and Russia).

Every place he ran to, Xiao picked up a commemorative stamp from the local post office. During his 27-year journey he’s accumulated 50 diary books, wrote over 700,000 words and took more than 4,000 photos. During the run Xiao wore through 400 pairs of shoes and clocked up a total of around 600,000km.

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