Chongqing McDonald’s Accidentally Adds Disinfectant to 4-Year-Old’s Hot Chocolate

Chongqing McDonald’s Accidentally Adds Disinfectant to 4-Year-Old’s Hot Chocolate
May 17, 2016 By

A father was worried when his son’s drink at McDonald’s tasted funny. It turns out it had been accidentally spiked with disinfectant.

Mr. Feng, 46, brought his four your old son Niuniu to a McDonald’s in Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area yesterday afternoon. Feng purchased a 20 RMB kid’s meal for his son that came with a cup of hot chocolate.

Feng said that Niuniu took a small sip of the hot chocolate and shook his head and stuck out his tongue. “I thought that the drink was too hot, so I told him to let it cool off.”

The two were nearly finished eating when Feng realized Niuniu hadn’t touched the drink at all. “I picked up the drink and took a big sip.” Feng said that the drink tasted sour. “I thought there was Sprite in it,” he said. He tasted it again, and realized that it wasn’t Sprite.

Feng took the two-thirds full cup of hot chocolate to the restaurant staff and told them about the odd flavor. The staff members tried it. “Is it hydrogen peroxide?” One asked. “No, it’s more like disinfectant,” said that other.

Staff quickly took Feng and Niuniu to a nearby hospital to get checked out. Doctors said that they had consumed disinfectant. McDonald’s staff admitted that a staff member had accidentally prepared the hot chocolate with hot water that was mixed with disinfectant.

The Liangjiang New Area Food and Drug Administration has opened an investigation into the incident.


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Hmm I love a nice warm cup of disinfectant on a rainy day

May 23, 2016 16:32 Report Abuse



Unfortunately for all the tiny nationalists, McDonald's China is a completely separate entity from McDonald's America and does not belong to the later. So go ahead and sue your own domestic company.

May 18, 2016 13:32 Report Abuse



Seems now mcD is the target of the CCP? Now what they going to promote? The copy CFK of KFC?

May 18, 2016 09:32 Report Abuse



the staff could tell the difference between peroxide and disinfectant...

May 18, 2016 02:23 Report Abuse