Bored? Fly from Shanghai Pudong to Shanghai Hongqiao for 80 RMB

Bored? Fly from Shanghai Pudong to Shanghai Hongqiao for 80 RMB
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No you didn’t read wrong – there is actually a flight from one airport in Shanghai to another, for only 80 RMB.

One Weibo user released the details of the flight after he checked the homepage of China Eastern, and confirmed that the flight took 16 minutes, and cost a total of 80 RMB (including tax and surcharges). Many netizens responded to the post and stated that they had in fact taken this flight before, though these people all turned out to be China Eastern employees.

After checking the China Eastern website for the flight, one reporter found that the flight did in fact exist though tickets were currently not on sale. A spokesperson from the airline said that currently the flight is only available for China Eastern employees, which would explain the above responses to the Weibo post.

Comparatively, a bus from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport takes one hour and costs 30 RMB, while a taxi takes the same amount of time and costs around 200 RMB so perhaps there is logic in the journey after all… particularly if you’re one of those people who may confuse Hongqiao and Pudong and needs to get from one to the other in a short space of time – it happens to the best of us.  

Source: Xinhua

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Or you can take the subway for less than 10 rmb...albeit in a potentially crammed sardine can for 1.5 hours.

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