FlightStats: 60% of Beijing/Shanghai Flights are Delayed

FlightStats: 60% of Beijing/Shanghai Flights are Delayed
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American aviation statistics website FlightStats recently published a list that featured information regarding flight delays at 35 airports across the world. Over the last six months, an average of 69.26% of flights from all the featured airports operated on-time. During May alone, this figure reached 74.92%.

However, these figures do not reflect the performance of flights operating within Beijing Capital Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It was found that during the month of May, only 18.30% and 28.72% of flights from Beijing and Shanghai respectively were on time. These figures mean that the two airports both sit at the bottom of the list, with Beijing taking number 34 and Shanghai taking 35.

Furthermore, from January to June this year, less than 40% of flights operating within Beijing Capital Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport were on time. 

The airport which topped this list was Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, with an average of 95.04% of its flights operating on schedule.

Details of the lists can be viewed on the FlightStats website.


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Yeah, most of the flights I took from beijing were delayed by a minimum of 30 minutes..and they still name it one of the best airports in Asia

Jul 12, 2013 11:35 Report Abuse



Japanese people hates delay, thats why they are always on time..not only at the airport.also with work and appointments...they come on time before the time...

Jul 12, 2013 07:13 Report Abuse



yeah...we know. you’d think they would take a page from japanese efficiency book. tried and true

Jul 12, 2013 00:55 Report Abuse