Bomb Blast in Urumqi at 08:00 on May 22

Bomb Blast in Urumqi at 08:00 on May 22
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At 08:00 this morning in the Xinjiang city province of Urumqi an explosion was heard. At first it was thought to have been an explosion but it turning out to be much worse. Two cars drove into a market while the culprits in the cars began throwing bombs. The two vehicles then crashed and one of the cars exploded, in a suspected car bombing.

The current casualties stand at 31 dead and almost 100 injured. The photos coming from the scene show that the attack happened on an active street where fruit and vegetable vendors were selling their goods. Police have been on the scene since right after the event and are investigating the culprits and their motives.

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whats hapening there?

Jun 13, 2014 00:48 Report Abuse



The U.S. military, the most advanced and well funded fighting force in the world has been fighting al-Qaeda for ten years, and yet al-Qaeda and its affiliates are stronger than they have ever been. It's not simply a matter of eradicating extremists. You kill one, you make him a martyr. You kill ten, you make a vendetta. You kill a thousand and a whole population rises up against you. And in spite of the crackdown by the Chinese government, the attacks are getting more frequent and better coordinated. And they will only get more frequent and better coordinated until the root causes of these terrorist attacks are addressed. That's not an accusatory statement against the Chinese. I have never been to Xinjiang; I don't really know the situation all that well. But I believe it was Noam Chomsky who said that a terrorist is nothing more than a frustrated activist.

May 23, 2014 11:49 Report Abuse



that is what the government has tried to do for many years but like all other governments, they have found that terror attacks do exactly what they are called. create terror. the British ones ended because of talks and agreements and now the IRA don't blow things up. Repression or eradication attempts are only going to create more. People that suggest that is the only way forward are missing the point and strategy of such attacks from those taking them up. Once again because there is no problem and the idea that each side can't be wrong, it is going to last for decades

May 23, 2014 18:57 Report Abuse



Not sure that is actually true about the run up to last Christmas but sure, there are a few attacks by the RIRA but compared to the times of trouble when the IRA was going at at, prior to the peace accord, it is limited to isolated incidents. Talks have improved the situation not force. If you keep them talking, they are unable to fight. Kill one and family and friends will rise up.

May 24, 2014 14:57 Report Abuse



If you are going to make a statement... WHY on Earth would you take out a bunch of old people selling fruits and vegetables? If you wanted sympathy, understanding or to educate the masses of your oppression why would you take out the poorest people to make that statement? Complete idiots. I am with China on this... eradicate these extremists.

May 22, 2014 18:43 Report Abuse