Beijing and Tianjin Hit by Massive Rainstorm Today and Tomorrow

Beijing and Tianjin Hit by Massive Rainstorm Today and Tomorrow
Jul 20, 2016 By

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Beijing, Hebei and nearby areas have been hit by heavy rain since yesterday morning. Henan, Hubei, Tianjin, and Beijing are experiencing local heavy rains that are expected to last into tomorrow.

50 scheduled flights have been canceled from Beijing Capital International Airport and there have been train delays on the Beijing-Kowloon and Beijing-Guangzhou lines because of water damage. The flood control department has sent emergency response team to areas near the Hai River and Liao River.

In Tianjin, the flood control department is actively carrying out rescue work today. The Hai River has reached 1.83 meters (there is a flood warning when the river is over 1.5 meters). Tianjin flood control authorities have reported that all measures have been taken to drain the extra water.  

The Beijing Metrological Observatory announced a yellow rainstorm warning this morning at 8:40 am. Be prepared for heavy rains in most parts of the city.


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is this substantially worse than previous years? Sure seems so

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rain rain rain

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