35 Killed in Hunan Bus Fire When Driver Doesn’t Open Emergency Exit

35 Killed in Hunan Bus Fire When Driver Doesn’t Open Emergency Exit
Jun 27, 2016 By eChinacities.com

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35 passengers were killed when a coach bus caught fire in Yizhang, Hunan yesterday morning. The bus driver escaped the fire but did not open the emergency exit door for passengers. Most of the passengers in the bus were caught in the flaming bus with no way to escape.

Female passenger and survivor Liu Fang said that many of the passengers were asleep when the bus suddenly hit a guardrail. “Everyone started to wake up and realize what had happen.” The bus jolted and suddenly stopped. The front right side of the bus was engulfed in dense smoke and passengers were unable to escape.

An eyewitness said that the bus stopped at 10:20 and began to smoke. In less than three minutes, the bus was engulfed in flames. Onlookers could heard the screams of passengers trapped inside.

Police said that the fire was started by a leak from the gas tank, which began when the bus crashed into the guardrail.

The bus driver, Liu Taihui, 41, has been detained by police.

Source: inews.qq.com

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detention, such a great deterrent

Jun 28, 2016 09:09 Report Abuse



R.I.P to all who loss their lives becouse of driver mistake ..

Jun 27, 2016 17:54 Report Abuse



mistake? seems like the driver was in "save my own azz!" mode

Jun 28, 2016 14:41 Report Abuse



Not opening the door is not a mistake, that's being so self centred you won't even bother opening the door for the passengers before you abandon them. I dont know much about buses but usually opening a door is just a matter of pushing a button,it's not like he had to do anything time consuming or risky.

Jun 29, 2016 04:02 Report Abuse