2,000 People Rounded Up at KTV During Dongguan Drug Raid

2,000 People Rounded Up at KTV During Dongguan Drug Raid
May 10, 2013 By eChinacities.com

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Junhuang Hotel’s KTV is well-known in Dongguan as one of the more shady establishments (although there’s apparently quite a few of them in Dongguan), with drugs such as special k (a drug made of ketamine and other substances), ecstasy and others freely on sale. At the end of 2011, nine people were imprisoned after police discovered drugs and pornography at the site, and in June 2012, the hotel was forced to close for six months following a similar raid.

At 02:00 on May 10, a fleet of large police vehicles stopped outside the Junhuang Hotel’s KTV entrance, with over 1,000 policemen getting off and storming the building. Police found people taking drugs, and, after seizing the illegal substances, rounded up a total of over 2,000 people in an operation that lasted until the morning. Police are currently searching for the hotel owner.

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