Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: Lhasa’s 3 International Youth Hostels

Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: Lhasa’s 3 International Youth Hostels

During the peak tourist season, it may seem as though your only option while visiting Lhasa is to stay in an overly expensive hotel, burning a hole in your pocket in the process. Amidst recent concerns about how safe it is to travel around Lhasa, hotels have been known to take advantage of visitors' fears, marking their room prices up even further, because their facilities are "safer". Don't believe the hype—your best bet is to stay in an international youth hostel! The advantages to staying at a youth hostel are obvious: the standards are set on an international level and the price is great for the budget cautious traveller. Lhasa is home to three international youth hostels, each of which is well worth considering if you're planning a trip to the area.

1) Dongcuo International Youth Hostel View In Map
Dongcuo International Youth Hostel (东措国际青年旅舍) is a well-known hostel in Lhasa that features amenities and facilities on par with other international youth hostels across China. The entrance to the hostel and hostel itself are quite small, yet there is still a little parking lot available for smaller vehicles. The hostel is just a 5-10 minute walk to both Potala Balace (布达拉宫) and Jokhang Temple (大昭寺), and transportation to and from the hostel is very convenient. The hostel is a popular destination with backpackers traveling through China, so there's a fair share of information provided on renting bikes, finding a translator, etc. Also, don't forget to check out the billboards for the latest tips and information provided by other tourists and the hostel's staff (in English and Chinese).  

Add: 10 Beijing Dong Lu, Lhasa (opposite from the Chengguang District Government Office)
Tel: 089 1627 3388 ext. 8888
Price: 45 RMB (shared multiple-person rooms), 55 RMB (Korean-style room and common rooms), 190 RMB (single person room), 210 RMB (standard room), 270 RMB (three-person standard room)
Opening hours: 09:00-22:00
Getting there: From Lhasa Gonggar Airport take the civil aviation (民航) bus for 25 RMB to its final stop and then take a pedicab for 5-10 RMB to the Dongcuo International Youth Hostel. Or, from the train station take bus No. 1 on the right-hand side of the road to Minhang (民航) for 1 RMB, and then walk to Minhang stop across the road and then take bus 2, 20, 23 or 25 to Chongsaikang station.  From there, walk about 100 m.  You can also take a cab, which should cost approximately 20 RMB.

2) Pingcuo Sangkang Youth Hostel View In Map
Pingcuo Sangkang Youth Hostel (平措康桑青年旅舍) is in a traditional Tibetan-style courtyard that is located in the heart of Lhasa, yet far enough away from its bustling streets. If you are in the market for some Nepalese or Indian goods, the first floor sells both, and there's a café as well for all of those who need their coffee fix. Rooms are located on the second through fourth floors, but be aware that there is no elevator if you plan on bringing a lot of luggage. The fifth floor is a terrace where you can hang your clothes out to dry or kick back and enjoy a beer at the terrace bar. WiFi is available at the hostel as well.

Add: 48 Duosenge Bei Lu, Lhasa
Tel: 089 1692 9789
Price: 80 RMB (three-person room), 210 RMB (Japanese-style standard room), 220 RMB (regular standard or regular large bed)
Getting there: From Lhasa Gonggar Airport take Airport shuttle to the Civil Aviation Authority (Minhang Ju/民航局) stop for 25 RMB, then walk for 10 minutes to the hostel. Or, from the train station take bus No. 1 on the right-hand side of the road to Wenzhou Trade City (温州商贸城), then walk two minutes to the hostel.

3) Sonam International Youth Hostel View In Map
Sonam Youth hostel (娑娜姆国际青年旅舍) is located near Chakpori Hill (药王山摩崖石刻) and is only a 15-minute walk from Potala Palace.  The hostel consists of two buildings, one of them a traditional Tibetan-style building. Standard bathrooms and wireless Internet are also available.

Add: 11 Deji Nan Lu, Lhasa
Tel: 089 1692 7969
Price: 50 RMB (women's or men's shared room), 300 RMB (large bed suite:), 460 RMB (three-person room), 300 RMB (two-person room)
Getting there: From Lhasa Gonggar Airport take the Airport Shuttle (机场大巴)  for 25 RMB to Deji Nan Lu (德吉南路), then walk towards the hostel. Or, from the train station take bus No. 13 for 1 RMB to Jiare (甲热), then walk towards the hostel.  

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