Tourist-Friendly Restaurants in Lhasa Serving Authentic Tibetan Grub

Tourist-Friendly Restaurants in Lhasa Serving Authentic Tibetan Grub

If you come to Lhasa for a visit and leave without tasting some ‘real’, authentic Tibetan food, then you may just regret it for the rest of your days. Wandering around Lhasa’s streets and alleys, you will find many restaurants and cafés offering purportedly ‘genuine’ Tibetan fodder, but in reality, the number of truly authentic Tibetan dishes are few and far between. How lucky for you then, intrepid traveller, that we have compiled a ‘best-of-the-best’ list of restaurants where the food is fabulous, AND where great English is spoken!

1) Snowy Shrine Tibetan Restaurant雪神宫藏餐馆 View In Map
This place is just inside The Potala Palace west wall, and is considered one of Lhasa’s top Tibetan eateries. With a decidedly Tibetan feel inside, and seating for over 70 bums (probably still numb from the high-altitude train-journey!), the spacious interior offers big tables and squashy sofas simply inviting you to sit down and take up a cup of hot, salty yak butter tea. The best feature about this place by far, are the stunning views you get over Potala Palace from the second floor; for that reason it’s imperative to book a window-side seat before arrival.

As far as the menu goes, think “comfort food”: hearty, meaty dishes necessary for surviving in the harsh atmosphere, such as deep-fried lamb chops, Tibetan blood sausage, momos (Tibetan dumplings), Tibetan milkshake (a bit like Indian ‘lassi’), grilled steak/lamb, and the crowd-pleasing fried rice with ginseng. Expect to pay just over 100 RMB per head.

Add: Potala Palace Square (West side)
Tel: 089 1633 5866
Getting there: You can take number 89 bus to Potala Palace Square, and walk to the West side.

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2) Snowland Restaurant 雪域餐厅 View In Map
As soon as you step in the door you’ll know you’ve arrived at the Snowland Café: two big columns draped with Nepalese flags greet you, and in between them some railings adorned with flowers. Despite all the pillars and railings and flowers, it’s actually quite spacious inside, and when you sit down you’ll be given a menu in English, Chinese and Tibetan (polyglots take your pick). There’s even a TV room for post-prandial chilling, and a counter selling handmade goods. Waiters all speak English, Chinese and Tibetan, so if the menu fails you, you can always ask. We recommend: the Tibetan yoghurt with honey. Sweeeeeeeeet.

Add: No. 4, Zang Yiyuan Lu (just north of the Jokhang Temple)
Tel: 089 1632 3687
Opening hours: 07:30-23:00
Getting there: Hop on the 106 bus to East Beijing Road and get off. From there it’s a short stroll.

3) Tashi CafeView In Map
Tucked away on the second floor of an old building, Tashi Café (the name is taken from the Tibetan greeting, ‘Tashi Delek!’) is all but hidden from public view. When you do finally find it, after hours of searching perhaps, you are rewarded with a small, family-feel Tibetan restaurant which also serves a smattering of Western dishes. The Tibetan waitresses speak better English than they do Chinese, but if you get bored of nattering you can always sit and stare at the huge scenic photos of Tibetan landscape which adorn the walls. Those on a budget should be delighted with an average spend of around 50 RMB here.

Add: Intersection between East Beijing Road and Zang Yiyuan Lu.
Getting there: You can take the 106 bus to East Beijing Road, get off and begin searching!

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