Discover Harbin’s Wonderful Theme Parks

Discover Harbin’s Wonderful Theme Parks

Harbin is rich in stunning natural scenery and nothing takes advantage of the great northeast’s extraordinary natural beauty more than its parks. With its North Forest Zoo, Siberian Tiger Park, and the delightful Harbin Amusement Park, Harbin’s parks have something for everyone.

North Forest Zoo Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin  

Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park黑龙江东北虎林园
Siberian Tiger Park is located north of the Songhua River, adjacent to Sun Island, and is the world's largest artificial Siberian tiger breeding base, with more than 800 purebred captive Siberian tigers. The park’s attractions are numerous; it currently has various Tiger habitats, areas for Ligers and African lions, cub enclosures, and different pedestrian walking areas. Here in the park, you can see more than 100 purebred Siberian tigers. Touring the entire park takes about one hour, though you won’t just be walking around the whole time – some spots require you to watch behind the safety of a steel meshed vehicle. From this vantage point you can experience the thrill of watching tigers feeding. There is also a science hall, where you can brush up on Siberian tiger facts. Lastly, the park also boasts an “art house” with a dazzling array of distinctive arts and crafts.

Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park View In Map
Add: 88 Songbei Jie, Songbei District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8808 0098
Opening hours 08:30-16: 30
Price: 90 RMB/person
Getting there: Take the number 85 bus directly to area

Harbin North Forest Zoo

Harbin North Forest Zoo哈尔滨北方森林动物园
Harbin Northern Forest Zoo is the one of the largest forested zoo areas and is rated a national 4A level scenic spot. An incredibly diverse amount of animals are found here from birds of prey to primates, polar animals, and even large African animals. In fact, there are more than 300 species of animals on display, including extremely rare white tigers, white lions, polar bears, African cheetahs etc. Unique to this zoo is the new unobstructed tour option, which closes the distance between visitor and animal. Also, don’t miss the daily staged animal shows. Tickets are all inclusive, so no extra tickets are needed for watching the performances.

Harbin North Forest ZooView In Map
Add: Gezi Dong, Yuquan Zhen, A’Cheng District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 5655 6666
Opening times: 08:30-16: 30
Price: season 80 RMB/person; off-season 55 RMB/person
Getting there: Take bus number 6 or 11 to reach the park

Harbin Amusement Park

Harbin Amusement Park哈尔滨游乐园
The newly modern Harbin Amusement Park is the largest in Harbin, now with a variety of over 40 recreational activities. This park holds a city landmark - the 110 meter high giant Ferris wheel overlooking the city. Don’t miss taking a ride at night to enjoy the amazing view. Also found here is the Northeast’s largest roller coaster, sure to satisfy thrill seekers. There are also four rides from abroad, like the Arabic Magic Carpet, which is a must see. The landscaping is nice, with plenty of rest areas by the trees and green grass. There’s a lot of fun to be had here, so don’t miss it.

Harbin Amusement Park View In Map
Add: 1 Dongdazhi Jie, Nangang District, Harbin
Tel: 0451 8253 5738
Opening hours 08:30-17: 00 (Matinee) 17:00-21:00 (evening)
Price: Admission into the Park 5 RMB/person; Package Matinee rides 120 RMB/ person; Night 90 RMB/person
Getting there: Take bus numbers 6, 14, 104, or 105 bus to reach the Cultural Park 

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