Western Dining in Hangzhou

Western Dining in Hangzhou
By Ellen Schliebitz , eChinacities.com

Although Hangzhou has many delicious local specialties and a rich culinary history, a pricey trip to a Western restaurant often fills that occasional void most of us feel at one point or another while in China. However, unfortunately such endeavours often lead to disappointment especially when the authentic flavour we crave from home fails the test on the other side of the globe. For this reason, this article attempts to map out some of the best Western restaurants currently found in the city, so that when you get that craving for non-Chinese food, chances are you’ll make a wiser culinary choice and leave the restaurant with a lighter wallet but without the regrets.

Provence French Restaurant 普罗旺斯法国餐厅
Provence is hands down one of the best Western restaurants in Hangzhou. Housed in its own building and surrounded by trees and greenery, this popular French restaurant offers quite a simple, yet delicious menu of taste-bud friendly delights. One aspect of Provence that really stands out is their use of fresh, seasonal produce which means that unlike many other restaurants’ static menus, this one alternates according to the ingredients’ availability. However, their classic dishes such as Escaorgot Burgundy style and mouth watering desserts such as the Crème Brûlée are reliable fixtures on their sumptuous menu. Another strong feature of this French restaurant is its extensive wine list that includes over 100 carefully selected wines from around the world. Finally, the restaurant also possesses a downstairs bar that stocks a good range of Cognacs, Armagnacs, aged Caribbean rums and Illy cafe for an after-dinner round of digestifs.

Provence French Restaurant 普罗旺斯法国餐厅View In Map
Add: 1 Baishaquan, Shuguang Lu, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571 8797 6115
Website: www.provence-hz.com/
Opening hours: 12:00-15:00, 17:00-24:00
Getting there: Take bus no. 28, 66 or 830 to Huanglongdong (黄龙洞) or take bus no.28, K28, 81, 82, K82, K194, K228, K293, 527 or K527 close by to Zheda Fuzhong (浙大附中).

Peppino 巴比诺
Peppino, located in the lavish Shangri-La Hotel, is a fine Italian restaurant whose pizzas are baked in wood fired brick ovens and whose authentic taste make you wonder why you ever chose to dine at any of China’s growing pizza chain emporiums. Peppino’s menu also includes a fine selection of pasta dishes and exquisite lobster cooked to your liking. What’s more, the restaurant’s tender, juicy steaks are especially imported, since only top quality ingredients make it onto the table. This restaurant is a perfect choice for a slow, relaxing dining experience in an upscale, ambient establishment.

Peppino 巴比诺View In Map
Add: Mezzanine level, East Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 78 Beishan Lu, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571 8797 7951 ext.23
Business Hours: 17:30-23:00, Sunday lunch 12:00-14:30
Average price per customer: 125 RMB+ 


 L96 Café 光线咖啡

Photo: my.poco.cn

Though L96 (a.k.a Guangxian Cafe) may suffer from a bout of identity crisis (is it a cafe or is it a restaurant), this establishment’s main attraction is the excellent choice of mouth-watering desserts on offer. These include apple pie, tarts, cheesecakes and ice-cream. Their freshly brewed, strong coffee makes a good compliment, and diners quickly feel relaxed in L96’s sleek, yet modern settings. In terms of savoury food, this place serves up decent portions of pasta dishes and salads, soups and pizza at fairly inexpensive prices. What’s more, this venue offers free wireless, perfect for Sunday all-day laptop lounging.

Photo: my.poco.cn

L96 Cafe 光线咖啡View In Map
Add: 96 Pingfeng Jie, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Tel: 05718 5057758
Business hours: 10:00-23:00
Getting there: Take bus no, 3, 8 or 24 to Denggaoqiao (登高桥)

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