Summer Activity Ideas in Guilin: Water Rafting

Summer Activity Ideas in Guilin: Water Rafting

Summer in Guilin is the place to go for a vacation in China. Once there, water rafting is an absolute must, as it’s one of the best ways to experience Guilin’s natural beauty. While in Guilin, also be sure to spend some time rafting in neighboring Yangshuo, which boasts some of China’s finest scenic landscapes.

1) Lijiang Jinghua Rafting
Located on the Li River, most people come to Lijiang Jinghua Rafting (漓江精华漂流) to raft the 83 km between Guilin and Yangshuo, which takes a little over five hours. Although this route in itself is quite worthwhile, for an even better rafting experience, choose the route which follows the Li River from Yangdi (杨堤) to (兴坪) Xingping instead! Along the way, you’ll encounter numerous beautiful scenic areas, all for an additional 20 RMB.

Price: 216 RMB per person (no reservation); 120 RMB per person (reserve a bamboo raft and guide)
Getting there: From Guilin first get to Yangshuo, then from Yangshuo take the bus to Yangdi (杨堤). The bus runs 06:30-17:00, comes every 10 minutes and costs 10 RMB per person. Travel time is one hour.

2) Yulong River Rafting View In Map
Yulong River Rafting (遇龙河漂流) is located in Yulong Village in Yangshuo County, and is 16 km long and is 38-61 meters wide at different points. Known locally as “Little Lijiang”, Yulong River Rafting uses two-person bamboo rafts, which is perfect for those looking for a relaxing trip downstream instead of a heart-pumping thrill ride. The scenery is extremely beautiful and the river features numerous spots for you to dock your boat and take a few moments to soak in the surrounding beauty. Your trip will take 4-5 hours and you’ll eventually end up at Gongnongqiao (工农桥). For the full route, rafts cost 260 RMB per couple. If you’re only doing the upper or lower half of the route, rafts are only 100 RMB per couple.

Add: Yulong Village, Baisha Town, Yangshuo County, Guilin City
Opening hours: 24 hours
Price: 260 RMB (full route for two people), 100 RMB (half route for two people)
Getting there: ride the Yangshuo-Guilin bus to the Baisha Town stop (白沙镇).  In Baisha Town, take a pedi-cab for 2 RMB to Yulong Bridge (遇龙桥).  Conversely, it takes about one hour to bike from Yangshuo to Yulong Bridge, or 30 minutes by motorbike (40 RMB)

3) Zijiang Rafting View In Map
Zijiang Rafting (资江漂流) is located north of Ziyuan County and is Guangxi’s 3rd most popular water area.  The rafting area is 22.5 km long and features 45 beaches, 31 bends and over 60 scenic areas. The water is incredibly clear and the surrounding mountain peaks resemble something out of a traditional watercolor painting. While not as famous as its counterpart on the Li River, Zijiang Rafting offers a calmer experience, with fewer tourists and the same outstanding natural scenery.

Add: Shengdao 202, Ziyuan County, Guilin
Tel: 0773 438 8888
Price: 158 RMB (wooden boat, per person), 1000 RMB (6-person inflatable boat). All prices include the price of a day pass.
Getting there: From Guilin take the bus to Ziyuan County (资源县). The bus runs from 06:00-17:50, comes every 20 minutes and cost 25 RMB per person. Once in Ziyuan County, hire a van to take you to Zijiang Rafting. The van will cost 60 RMB for four people or less, or 14 RMB per person for groups of five or more.

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