Guilin’s Best Weekend Excursions

Guilin’s Best Weekend Excursions

In addition to Guilin’s urban attractions, the surrounding areas like Longsheng, Yangshuo, Xing’an are all worth visiting. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you may experience the magnificent landscape of Guilin as well as the rustic charm of local ethnic minorities. Guilin has enough excursions to fill a truly memorable holiday weekend.

Shiwai Taoyuan Scenic Area. Photo:

Shiwai Taoyuan Scenic Area世外桃源
Shiwai Taoyuan is a national 4A level scenic area blending rural scenery and local minority culture, making this Yangshuo’s most famous tourist attraction. Take a tour on the scenic water ways, appreciating ethnic customs and art. Witness original dances, poems, totems and hunting demonstrated by the locals. Explore the quintessential local village with its unique houses, drum tower, bridges and other wonders. At the newly opened Yuan Ming residential villa, in the northern Guangxi architectural style, you can enjoy activities like ancient wine making, paper making, printing, bamboo carving, wood carvings and a pottery show.

Shiwai Taoyuan Scenic Area世外桃源View In Map
Add: Wuxing Dian, Baisha town, Yangshuo, Guilin
Tel: 0773 228 0060
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00
Price: 70 RMB/person
Getting there:behind Guilin south train station there are express buses to Yangshuo, usually every 15 minutes, 07:00- 22:00, 10 RMB/person, takes about one hour

Dragon Back Terraced Fields

Longji (Dragon’s Back) Terraced Fields龙脊梯田 View In Map
If you’ve ever seen a postcard or image of beautiful rice terraces taken in China, then it’s very likely that you were admiring the Dragon Back Terraced Fields. The area includes the minority mountain village of Ping’an and Jingkeng Hongyao terraced areas, and is famous far and wide for its breathtaking beauty.

Accomodation in Jingkeng Hongyao is not as developed as Ping’an, but the terraces are larger and more untouched by tourism. The scenic area is home to the Zhuang and Yao people, whose ancient folk costumes and way of life are as fascinating as the landscape. If you’re lucky, you can watch their traditional dances, hear their beautiful folk songs and enjoy their traditional houses and customs. Also, don’t miss a chance to try the Longji Four Treasures which consists of Longji tea, Longji pepper’s, longji alcohol and special glutonious rice. Each field entrance has cars and buses for easy transport.

Add: Pingxiang Jingnei, Longsheng County, Guilin
Tel: 0773 758 3289
Opening hours: 07:00-21:00
Getting there: from Guilin city take an express bus 130 minutes to Longsheng Xian, buses leave about every half-hour15 RMB/ person.


Merryland Resort乐满地休闲世界
Merryland Resort is a national grade 5A scenic spot, where the beauty of Guilin’s landscape melts with a variety of large-scale entertainment. The park has many different areas including a camping area, golf course and a 5 star hotel. In the Forest Camping Resort you can enjoy camping in Guilin’s majestic outdoors. For those not interested in sleeping outside, Merryland Resort Hotel is able to provide five-star facilities and services. The Golf Club has a professional course, with professional coaches, pro-shops, restaurants and other facilities. There are a lot of things to do in Merryland including bungee jumping, roller coasters, Grand Canyon white water rafting and other exciting entertainment. The park also has a sightseeing car, charging 8 RMB per person, which circles around the park. Single self-charging electric vehicles are 20 RMB / half-hour, 30 RMB / hour, with a 100 RMB deposit required.

Merryland Resort乐满地休闲世界View In Map
Add: Xingan Xianzhi Ling Lu, Guilin
Tel: 0773 623 6789
Opening hours: 09:00-17:30
Price:110 RMB/person (facilities like bungee jumping extra)
Getting there: from Guilin south train station the Merryland Express bus can travel directly to the front of Merryland Theme Park, 7:00-21:00 every day leaving every half hour, takes about 90 minutes,18 RMB/ person

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