Keep It Rolling: Six of the Best Pool And Snooker Places In Guangzhou

Keep It Rolling: Six of the Best Pool And Snooker Places In Guangzhou
By Patrick Deloy ,

Out of all inventions China has imported from the West few are as popular as pool or snooker. You can find pool and snooker places in almost every little town in China, and naturally Guangzhou as a megalopolis has a lot of these places to offer. From single tables in bars, clubs and restaurants to hundreds of square meters of lined up tables in designated pool clubs – if you are looking for a convenient and not-too-expensive past time activity there is hardly a way around this sport. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places in Guangzhou to go to for a round of pool or snooker – each of them offering at least five pool/snooker tables and a selection of food and drinks in a nice and cozy atmosphere.

L.A.CITY Pool Town  洛城桌球城View In Map

LA City near Garden Hotel is probably one of the most popular pool/snooker places in Guangzhou due to its convenient location near Garden Hotel and its wide open space. Be sure to try the special-made hamburger and save a few bucks by ordering three beers for the price of two. Besides dozens of pool tables this place also offers dart, table soccer, shoot 'em up video games and a seating area for table games. The gates close at 2am.

Add: 4/F, Tianlun Park, Jianshisi Malu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市越秀区建设四马路天伦花园四楼洛城
Tel.: 020 8356 0339
Tables: 22 pool tables, 4 snooker tables
Price: 56 RMB /hour for pool, 66 RMB /hour for snooker

Juxing Pool Club 聚星桌球俱乐部View In Map

This pool place is especially popular among foreigners/expats from the Middle East. It is located upstairs over a pizzeria next to a netbar and, despite not being too big, boasts a relaxed atmosphere with several tables and inexpensive drinks. Each time you visit you will get a free bowl of peanuts or a plate of watermelon. A chargeable membership card can save you a few bucks as you will be eligible to a discount on your bill. If you arrive before 3am the entrance doors will be closed but you will be able to play through the night.

Add: 41 Zhongshan Balu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市荔湾区中山八路41号
Tel.: 020 8195 0150
Tables: 9 pool tables, 11 snooker tables
Price: 38 RMB /hour for pool from 18:00-09:00, 33 RMB/hour for snooker

Jijiehao Pool Club 集结号台球俱乐部View In Map

This pool club, though a bit remote from the city centre, offers a comfortable atmosphere and new tables at good rates. As the place is equipped with wireless internet you are also able to use your laptop. The bar and seating area offers reasonably priced drinks and snacks. The doors close at 4am.

Add: 41 Zhongshan Balu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市荔湾区中山八路41号
Tel: 020 8412 8038
Tables: 3 pool tables, 8 snooker tables
Price: 25 RMB /hour for pool, 25 RMB /hour for snooker

T-Games+Rbt 提雅竞技桌面游戏休闲吧View In Map

T-Games is a little bit hard to find unless you know it is above the Rbt restaurant sign on Nonglin Xialu (near the Dongshankou metro station). Though the smallest of all mentioned places in this article, it offers much more than pool. On the back wall, you will find a wide range of table games, often directly imported from Germany or the US. If you are not a fan of table games yet you might reconsider after having tried a few of them with a group of friends. As T-Games is affiliated with rbt you can order everything that rbt offers on their usual menu.

Add: 3/F, 19 Nonglin Xialu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市越秀区农林下路19号旺潮坊3楼
Tel: 020 8730 6266
Tables: 6 pool tables, no snooker
Price: 18 RMB /hour for pool

Huagong Billiard Club 华宫桌球俱乐部View In Map

This snooker-only place is centrally located and the cheapest option of all snooker places listed in this article. It is open 24 hours and just a few minutes by foot from Ouzhuang metro station. If you are a snooker enthusiast you are most likely to come here and meet like-minded people.

Add: Huagong Building, No.808, Dongfeng Donglu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市越秀区东风东路808号华宫大厦
Tel.: 020-87760051
Tables: no pool, 8 snooker tables
Price: 17 RMB /hour for snooker before 1am, 13 RMB /hour for snooker after 1am

Pro Base Pool Bar 聚点台球吧View In Map

Pro Base Pool Club can be considered somewhat of a luxury club as it offers you plenty of opportunities to spend your money high-class. Besides the comparatively expensive pool tables, you can also book one of the three available KTV rooms that include your private pool table as well as a Mahjong table for RMB 1,688 per day. Due to the attached wine shop that offers a range of European, Australian and American wines you don't have to limit yourself to beer only.

Add: 585 Tianhe Bei Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
地址: 广州市天河区天河北路585号
Tel: 020 8756 6993
Tables: 16 pool tables, 3 snooker tables
Price: 58 RMB /hour for standard pool table, 66 RMB/hour for professional match pool table,
66 RMB /hour for snooker 

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