Limber Up and Slim Down: Yoga in Guangzhou

Limber Up and Slim Down: Yoga in Guangzhou

Staying fit and in shape abroad can be more trouble than you would expect. Finding the right gym can be hard considering the language barrier and if you are the kind of person who needs a coach to keep you motivated it can be almost impossible to find an English speaking instructor to keep you on track. Many times you may lose the motivation to work out all together, but don’t lose hope! There is one thing you can do that will increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and even alleviate stress. Why not give yoga a try?

What is yoga?
Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and often meditation whose practice and development can be traced back several thousand years. Originally a Hindu spiritual practice, in the last few decades yoga has experienced enormous growth and popularity in the West as physical exercise. Yoga classes usually last between 60 and 90 minutes and consist of gradual progressions through a number of different poses that emphasize balance, flexibility, core strength and body awareness. In yoga classes there is usually a teacher who will not only guide you through the progression and show you how to accomplish the pose, but also personally help you to maintain proper posture and alignment.

Why should you do it?
Yoga has well documented benefits to physical health, disease immunity, and mental well-being. It has also been used to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve concentration, sleep, and digestion. Many yoga practitioners also enjoy the non-competitive nature of yoga. Yoga is a progression, so if at any time a person finds himself or herself unable to complete part of the exercise, he or she will be encouraged to simply do what they can until they develop the ability to complete it properly. In short, there is no pressure. Additionally, there are many different types of yoga that vary in style, speed and sequence, so if you don’t like the class you just tried, try another until you find the style that works for you. Here is a very general overview of just a few different types of yoga just to give you an idea of what you may find.

Hatha yoga: This form focuses on physical postures, breathing and meditation. It is slower and more intense than other forms and concentrates on physical and mental balance and control.

Ashtanga yoga: Consists of faster, flowing sequences of dynamic postures that build physical strength and flexibility.

Iyengar yoga: This form of yoga is very focused on poise and balance and is perhaps the most popular form in the UK.

Where can you practice yoga in Guangzhou?
Residents of Guangzhou are in luck because there are a number of great yoga studios all over the city. First and foremost I would recommend Lotus Yoga, an organization that has studios in both the Tianhe and Liwan districts. They have great instructors, many of whom speak English, and if you are new to the studio, your first class gets a huge discount (it only costs 10 RMB!). Another reputable studio is Heart Unlimited. Founded in 2005, this studio specializes in Ashtanga yoga, but they have classes in various other styles. Brahma Yoga is also another great studio. Brahma is a traditional Indian-style yoga studio that also holds meditation classes as well as yoga workshops. Lastly, the Isoway Yoga spa and yoga studio located in the Yuexiu District is a great place to spend a day or afternoon if you really want to treat your body to and mind to a day of well-being.


Lotus Yoga 梵桦瑜珈
Liwan BranchView In Map
Add: 97 Liwan Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-8125 0805
Opening Hours: 9:00-19:00
Price: 50-100 RMB

Tianhe BranchView In Map
Add: Tianhe Bei, North Gate of Tianhe Sports Center,Track Field Byroad,2/F
Tel: 020-3879 8475
Opening Hours: 9:00-19:00
Price: 50-100 RMB
Getting There: Linhexi Station, Metro Line #3

Heart Unlimited心一无限怡然瑜伽馆View In Map
Add: 67 Tianrun Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,
Tel: 020-3849 2199
Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00
Price: 50-80 RMB
Getting There: Tianhe Sports Centre Station, Metro Line #3

Brahma Yoga 梵天瑜珈View In Map
Add: 34 Zhongshan Erlu, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-8766 7022
Opening Hours: 9:00-19:00
Price: 70-90 RMB
Getting There: Dongshankou Station, Metro line #1

Isoway Yoga 安索瑜珈View In Map
Add: 95 Hengfu Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020-83494949
Opening Hours: 9:30-18:00
Price: 60-90 RMB

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