The Search for Guangzhou's "798" Art District

The Search for Guangzhou's "798" Art District

Beijing’s 798 art district is often called “Beijing’s art warehouse” for attracting some of the trendiest modern art around. So, does Guangzhou have any kind of similar “art warehouse” to boast of? Let’s begin our search in Guangzhou to find out…

Fangcun Xinyi International Club 芳村信义会馆View In Map

On the banks of the Pearl River, there’s one place that’s got the same qualities as Beijing’s famous 798 art district. Although this place cannot beat the fame and crude simplicity of 798, it is however an extremely quiet spot rarely found in the blaring, bustling cities of modern China. Xinyi International Club has adapted its own personal theme: “interpret trends through the factory”. This art space was originally a hydraulic power plant. But in 2002 a few architects and property investors saw the potential of the then abandoned factory grounds and have since transformed the space into cultural, commercial and exhibition venue. The original structure of the factory buildings have been preserved, but modern style windows, doors, wall surfaces and other fine details have since replaced the old ones. Lots of trendy exhibitions and shows take place here in the evenings. What’s more, the resident creative offices here have since picked up the award as China’s most successful office design works.


Getting there:
There are several ways of finding this little gem: Fancun Subway station is the nearest subway station. You can also walk Eastwards along Bai’e’tan Bar Street to get to the art space. Alternatively, you can get off at Fangcun Wharf. From there, it’s about a ten minute walk. As you approach the space you should be able to see a compound of magnificent red buildings, which happens to be our destination site, Xinyi International Club. Loft Art Space, also known as “long-term beauty selling” (长期贩卖美), is creating the latest buzz around Guangzhou. Although the intrigue and energy of this place is hard to put into words, one word which may well describe Xinyi is “enchanting”.

Address: 1 Shizhijie, Fancun Dadao, Laiwan District, Guanzhou 广州荔湾区芳村大道下市直街1号
Transport: Fangcun Metro Station, exit C, walk eastwards along Bai’e’tan Bar Street. 

GOELIA Concept 225 歌莉娅225概念会所View In Map

People always want to hide the most beautiful things in one room. Well, there’s one small building from the 1940’s on Beijing Lu that does just that. Within this building, you’ll find the “European style Garden” (欧式花园), “Concept Garden” (概念花园), “Art Meza” (艺术咱蓝), Fair trade items, a second-hand books display etc. The glass ‘sunshine garden on the first floor is actually a Provence-style greenhouse and a huge fresco adorns the wall, courtesy of emerging illustration artist, Popil. The French-style flower shop on the second floor is the biggest French-style speciality flower shop in Southern China. Many precious flower types are planted here, such as the Chinese peony, diamond rose etc. 225space located on the second floor is a snow white exhibition space. “SHOW TIME” on the fourth floor contains old-style patterned tiles especially brought back from Thailand by professional designers. The fifth floor is a variety store that sells all sorts of arty goods. This place is full of beautiful hidden designs, just waiting to be found.


Address: 225 Beijing Lu, Guangzhou 广州市北京路225号
Tel: 020-8336 0050, 8336 0550

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