Curry in a Hurry: Indian Restaurants in Guangzhou

Curry in a Hurry: Indian Restaurants in Guangzhou

Whether you’re tired of the local food selections, or are just a big fan of curry, a taste of Indian food can really be a treat if you know where to go. Indian cuisine is known for its distinct use of spices, herbs, and unique cooking techniques that give the dishes a real pop that other local meals might lack. Guangzhou is home to numerous reputable Indian restaurants, so no matter what part of the city you live in there’s sure to be at least one within a short trip. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, an avid eater looking for something new, or you just happen to be a fan of spicy food, you won’t need to look any further than here find a restaurant that will put your taste buds to the test.

One of the best Indian restaurants in Guangzhou is the Delhi Darbar Restaurant. Located right in the middle of the Shang Xia Jiu shopping street in the Liwan Plaza, this pleasantly upscale restaurant serves up great meals for a good price. Its location makes it the ideal pit stop to relax and refuel during a busy shopping trip. Delhi Darbar serves standards like tandoori chicken, kebabs, and vegetarian options like puri bread and lentil curries. It’s not the highest quality Indian food you’ll find in Guangzhou, but it’s very good for the price. Delhi Darbar delivers too, so if you like what you find and you don’t live too far away, you can get some of your favorite dishes direct to your door.

Delhi Darbar Restaurant 德里宫餐厅View In Map
Add: 40-2 Guang Ya Li, Shangxiajiu Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 8139 0528
Open: 11:00-22:00
Price: 30-70 RMB
Getting There: Metro Line 1, Changshou Lu Station

Another sub-continental favourite is Taste of India, famous for its relaxed atmosphere and spacious interior. Most of the seats are big white couches, giving the dining area a taste of the Raj. However, since they are mostly two-person couches, you may want to bring between one and three friends; a group larger than four will have to take more than one table. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are good quality, but service can be a bit slow. Taste of India is best for early evening weekend dinners with friends.

Taste of India 印斯味餐馆酒廊View In Map
Add: 165 Taojin Lu, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 83507688; 8357 2688
Open: 10:00-22:00
Price: 30-60 RMB
Getting There: Metro Line 1, Martyr’s Park Station

If you fancy a few drinks with dinner, the place to go is the Haveli Restaurant and Bar. Located near the Holiday Inn, Haveli serves traditional Indian cuisine and sports a chic new style. There’s a fairly regular crowd that’s made this place their go-to spot for a good food and pleasant atmosphere. Haveli also has a great outdoor seating area that’s perfect when it’s too hot to be sitting inside eating spicy food. A prime destination for people who want to eat a great meal before heading out for the night to the Huan Shi Dong Lu nightspots, Haveli also has the advantage of being located directly below a reputable massage parlor. Come early for the massage, then stay for the food. It’s a perfect combination. 

Haveli Restaurant & Bar 唐乐宫印度餐厅View In Map
Add: 2 Aiguo Lu, Overseas Chinese Village, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 8359 4533
Open: 10:00-24:00
Price: 20-80 RMB
Getting There: Metro Line 1, Martyr’s Park Station

Last but certainly not least is Vaastu. This is the top pick for most connoisseurs of Indian cuisine. To begin with, the setting is a wonderful mix of contemporary design and traditional Indian decorations. The chefs are second to none, and all the meals they prepare come highly recommended. We recommend the Lamb Afghani and the Chicken Tikka Masala for the meat-eaters. The service is great and the staff is friendly – chances are you’ll get to meet the manager or members of the owner’s family. Prices are high, but that’s to be expected at a top-drawer restaurant like this.

Vaastu 雅仕度印度餐厅View In Map
Add: New World Plaza,1-48 Haiyue Lu, Zhujiang Xin Cheng, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Tel: 020 3825 8181
Open: 11:00-23:00
Price: 100-300 RMB
Getting There: Metro Line 3, Zhujiang Xin Cheng Station

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Try Tandoor once, the ambiance and service is one of the best among Indian restaurants here in Guangzhou, but it's kinda I always look out for deals from them. Now they have a deal for 2 person set meal for only 158 RMB including the following items: Masala Papadum 玛萨拉帕派达姆扁豆脆片 Chicken Aloo Salad 鸡肉土豆色拉 Tandoor Special Platter 天都里特供烧烤香煎拼盘 Murg Shorba Badami 姆格伯达弥帝王鸡汤 Beef Curry 红咖喱牛肉 Chicken Jalfarezi 杰拉夫干咖喱鸡 Mixed Vegetable 印式什锦蔬菜 Butter Naan 天都里印式烤饼 Saffron Rice 印度香米饭 Ice Cream 印式冰淇淋球

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Kohinoor India Restaurant and Bar(将进酒音乐蒲点吧) No.8, Lujing Rd 510091 Guangzhou

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Sharmaji Vegetarian Indian Restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the Gitic Hotel in Guangzhou, China. Gitic Commercial Center and Hotel 广信商业中心酒店 1号 Huang Tian Zhi Jie 广州市越秀区麓景路黄田直街1、2号 Yue Xiu Qu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510050 Nearest Cross Street: Lujing Lu & Huang Tian Zhi Jie (100 meters) Nearest Major Hotel: Dong Yue Hotel 东悦酒店 (100 meters) Nearest Subway Station: XiaoBei Station 小北站 (500 meters), Subway Line #5 Sharmaji Restaurant 4th Floor Mobile Phone: +8615915727374 Landline Phone 1: +86 (0) 2083576357 Landline Phone 2: +86 (0) 2083570090 Email:

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Taste of India 165 Tao Jin Road, Guangzhou, China 020-83507688

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Punjabi Indian Restaurant Huanshi dong lu, Guangzhou, China 020-83824542 Near garden Hotel

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Saffron-Indian Bistro & Grill Add to trip Shop 108-A, No.460 Tianhe North Road, Guangzhou 510000, China Latest Indian Restaurant

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We have new Indian Restaurant in Tianhe on Tianhe Bei Lu...near Tianhe Rokka Street (Near Mann Coffee) Name of this restaurant is Saffron

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