Undercover: Investigating China’s Entertainment Clubs and KTV Hostesses

Undercover: Investigating China’s Entertainment Clubs and KTV Hostesses
Mar 13, 2014 By eChinacities.com

Editor’s note: Recently, a reporter for Anhui news went to investigate the “Entertainment clubs” that were sending out mass texts messages describing the outfits of “hostesses” they had. While many of these establishments appear to be KTV clubs, singing is secondary to enjoying the evening in the company of one of their “girls”. This translated article describes the experience one reporter had with a KTV hostess, from being able to choose a girl from a long line of them, to the games you can play, and the pricing of it all.

Every evening, as night falls, the neon signs of clubs advertising “international entertainment” light up the streets of the provincial capital. On the surface, these clubs are merely “upscale” KTV clubs. However, in many of the establishments, singing and drinking are secondary to the “special services to accompany singing.”

Source: anhuinews.com

Clubs use “sexy” text message ads to entice guests
Recently, Mr. Zhao, a resident of the city, reflected on the provincial capital’s various entertainment clubs in which scantily clad women accompany guests in singing and drinking. Many also suspect that these young girls are involved in pornographic activities and erotic services. The club’s management staff even sends out mass texts and makes phone calls to advertise the club using phrases like “tightly dressed,” “thong” and other provocative words in order to drum up business.

A month ago, Mr. Zhao received a number of text messages from strangers. The texts were ads from an entertainment club. The advertisements claim that the club is luxurious, with upscale amenities and features many different kinds of “girls” to accompany the guests while they drink. The girls, according to the advertisement, are hot, open-minded and wear tight-fitting clothing. Mr. Zhao was taken aback by these texts. “I used to things these things had to be sneaky, but now they are being sent openly through text message?”

Mr. Feng, another city resident, received a phone call from the manager of such a club to advertise its services. The manager told him that he hoped he would bring friends to “cheer him on” and said that the girls who work there will play drinking games with guests while wearing nothing but a thong and are very “open.” Mr. Feng said that he accidentally asked the manager why each girl would have her own number. “I’ve never been there to sing. I asked the manager that and in response he just mumbled awkwardly.”

Reporter visits unannounced, given nearly 50 girls to choose from
In order to investigate the situation, an undercover reporter visited the club. The reporter reserved a room through the customer service hotline. After he sat down, two young male waiters quickly came over. One poured him tea and the other suggested that he look at the beautiful women and choose one. According to reports, this is a normal practice for this kind of club. First, the girls come and line up and then the show begins.

Soon the door of the room opened and a dozen girls came out in a line. They first greet the guest and then introduce themselves. The girls in the club were wearing tank tops, high heels and short skirts with suspenders.

A male customer service attendant told him after the girls were introduced that this was just a small percentage of the hostesses who worked at the club and if he was dissatisfied they could bring another line of girls. This could continue until he was “comfortable,” enough to make a choice. “We have less than 30 rooms and usually about 80 girls, but since New Years is approaching, we only have about 50.” The man saw that the reporter hadn’t spoken and immediately sent the line of girls out and called in a new one. Soon, more than a dozen new girls came in with high heels clacking.

After being selected, the girl quickly sits on the sofa and her hostess gig begins: she proposes a toast, passes around cigarettes and takes the initiative to snuggle up on the guest’s arm while suggesting some love songs to sing to lighten up the mood.

Xiaoyu (a pseudonym), the girl the reporter chose is 21 years old and has worked the KTV club circuit for six months but only recently switched to this club. When it comes to her job, she said that in Hefei, the girls who accompany and drink with guests are called “little sisters” rather than “princesses,” as they are called everywhere else. “Princesses” are the girls who sing with guests. According to Xiaoyu, ‘entertainment clubs’ around the country are different but in most ways they are the same. The focus of these clubs is the girls: they provide an exciting and lively atmosphere.”

The main task of KTV hostesses is to get the guests to drink more alcohol (this is how they get their commission), but in order to do that the guests are meant to “have fun.” How to ensure they are having fun? “This depends on what each guest wants to do. Some like to chat casually, some like to dance after they get drunk, others like to play dice, and so on. As long as you keep the atmosphere fun,” said Xiaoyu. One’s attitude towards service is very important, you must be enthusiastic and open-minded to make the guests happy, We are even encouraged to flirt with guests when necessary, even so much that they inevitably start to hug and cuddle you. This is the only way to have repeat customers. If a customer files a complaint the girls will be reprimanded by their superior and may have pay deducted.

Xiaoyu certainly livened up the atmosphere in the reporter’s box. In seeing that the reporter wanted to chat rather than sing, she repeatedly stood up to make toasts and had the waiter fetch dice for them to play with.

Games & Services
When the reporter mentioned the text messages, Xiaoyu explained that by “very tight clothes” it wasn’t refering to her outfit, but rather the fact that they don’t wear underwear, or if they do it is a thong. She said that this allows guests to “feel” a little better. The manager said that saying the girls are wearing “only a thong” is a slight exaggerated. “If you want to or don’t want to feel anything, it’s no problem,” Xiaoyu said ambiguously. The reporter found an excuse to decline.

One hour after entering the compartment, the scene was not that “hot”. The service staff offered some small performances to lighten up the atmosphere. According to reports, this kind of performance is an important part of the entertainment service. The service staff will turn off all of the lights in the box, only leaving on the faintly glowing TV screen. Then, the staff will begin to dance around to the beat of the music and sing. The girl accompanying the guest will dance at his side, sit on his lap or sometimes invite him to dance with her in front of the television.

In addition to the dance in the dark, the staff said that there were some ambiguous “small games” that the hostesses play with the guests. The staff said that these games are common in this kind of club, not at all strange. “There many different games, having fun is always OK, it helps lighten the atmosphere.”

After hearing the presentation, the reporter, seeing that his time was up, went to pay the bill.

Inexplicable fees at checkout
These places are not like a normal KTV establishment in which a few hundred RMB should cover all expenses. Entertainment clubs have various fees, each with a different description. According to the reporter’s understanding, the rooms at this club are the cheapest: the lowest prices are around 680 to 880 RMB. A more luxurious package can run a guest up 3000/4000 RMB. The price differences between different hostesses depend on the circumstances but prices are generally around 300 to 500 RMB.

Xiaoyu said that she was singled out as an outstanding employee for the company so her price is higher than the average hostess. In addition to foreseen costs, they are often many extra expensive items on the bill when a guest checks out. For example, the waiter who serves tea and bottled water is called a “young master” and requires a 100 RMB tip. A girl who sings one song with a guest is called a “princess” and her tip is slightly higher than that of the “young master.” Despite this, when guests reserve a room, managers want them to spend about 300 to 400 RMB. If they order more drinks, fruit plates, or snacks, the total price quickly rises as small bottles of beer are priced at around 50 RMB.

When the reporter questioned this, a staff member said that at this kind of club, tipping is a normal practice and that there does not need to be a list of items with prices when guests are paying the bill.

After this, the reporter gave reports to the police based on what he had learned from city residents and what he had seen and experienced in his investigation. The police said that they would not rule out the fact that this way of advertising skirted the line; some of the content raised suspicion of erotic services which is classified as illegal.

Hefei police had previously investigated a similar case. They will thoroughly investigate the case during Spring Festival in order to resolutely combat this kind of alleged sexual services.

Source: anhuinews.com

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So you went to a strip club I mean KTV. So what?

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"So, have any hobbies or interests?" "Gimme da money?" "Ah, I happen to be a wealthy businessman, that's why I think fondling you in this place is an interesting pastime." "How wealthy?" ... and it doesn't get more interesting than that. KTVs are like stripclubs where the staff can't hide how myopic and dull they and their guests are.

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Just a reporter having a good time on the newspapers bill and passing it off as investigative journalism, nothing strange with that.

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