Top 10 Cities in China with Beauties

Top 10 Cities in China with Beauties
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Beauty has a way of leaving its beholders with the feeling they have just lost control of themselves. There is also a kind of beauty that makes a name for itself- this is not your ordinary beauty. A beautiful woman can cause a man to do irrational and otherwise unimaginable things and in a group, men can even feel stressed just by the presence of such beauty.

NO. 1 Dalian 大连 Beauty Index: 95
Dalian Beauty is bold, unrestrained, smooth, and courteous. Dongbei (North-East China) is known for its women with fair complexions and tall slender figures and Dalian girls possess all the features of Dongbei girls and more than that. Dalian girls posses that undefinable something- a mix between sheer elegance and sheer biological attractiveness. The lovely face before you belongs to Dong Jie and represents the classic Dalian look.

NO.2 Chongqing 重庆 Beauty Index: 94
Chongqing beauty is full of unmatched enthusiasm and passion. These lovely specimens grew up in the mountainous regions of Sichuan province. All that climbing around has done wonders for both the length of their legs and their sex appeal. Chongqing maidens are known for bright eyes, big smiles, candor, charm, individuality, and passion. Many of today's stars call Chongqing home including Jiang Qinqin, Yu Na, and Chen Lin.

NO. 3 Chengdu 成都 Beauty Index: 93
Chengdu Beauty will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Only in the plains of Chengdu will a man find the seat of gentle and soft beauty that has made Chengdu famous. Naturally sheltered from wind and rain, Chengdu has produced women with skin as fair as it is unblemished, fine and smooth. It is said that Chengdu is a place where make-up has no effect but to muddle what nature has given freely. Because of their natural endowments girls from Chengdu have been known, just like a pussycat, to be rather vapid and indifferent to the affections of would-be suitors. This is not something we can blame them for, can we? Chengdu's only shortcoming is that the women from here generally do not grow to be very tall. However, we can simply appreciate their small stature as characteristic of the otherwise immaculate Chengdu beauty. Pictured is Chengdu beauty Xie Na.

NO.4 Hangzhou 杭州 Beauty Index: 92
Hangzhou beauty is of humble origin. Hangzhou is the city in China with the most feminine character. This is a city made for longing glances, walks by the riverside and steamy romance.  Han Xue is one such famous face from Hangzhou.

NO.5 Changsha 长沙 Beauty Index: 91
Changshan beauty is the beauty of fusion. Here we have the elegant stature of the North combined with the soft facial features of the South. Celebrated figures Qu Ying and Li Xiang are two Changsha beauties par excellence.

NO.6 Nanjing 南京 Beauty Index: 90
Nanjing beauty is known for a refined almost artistic quality. Nanjing beauties have been famous in China since ancient times when Nanjing was the capital of the whole nation. Nowadays Nanjing, is know for producing delicious plums as well as delicate beauties. Women in this town dress and speak with simple elegance. This no-frills attitude has earned Nanjing a reputation for honest, sincere, permanent beauty.


NO.7 Shanghai上海 Beauty Index: 89
Shanghai beauty is on the cutting-edge of fashion and trends. Shanghai women consider themselves to be women amongst girls. Their fascination with the latest fashions, perfumes, make-up tells of their great pre-occupation with themselves. Due to Shanghai's avant-garde way of expression there is no clear, definite way to categorize the city's women. Actress Sun Li represents this kind of unique allure. One glance is all it takes to transcend the hustle and bustle of China's most populated city and enter a place of quiet elegance where custom is superseded by virtuosity.

NO.8 Beijing 北京 Beauty Index: 88
Beijing beauty is noble and aristocratic. Women in Beijing grow up fast in China's capital and display maturity, experience and culture. Beijing native Xu Jinglei started her career acting before moving and becoming a famous director. Not only does she have the looks to be in front of the camera but also possesses the intelligence to control production from behind the scenes. Chinese know her as a beauty but also have respect for her intelligence and aristocratic disposition.

NO.9 Hong Kong 香港 Beauty Index: 87
Hong Kong beauty has been the ambassador of China for centuries. The various trends and fads to come out of Hong Kong in the past century might even count as the most influential in all of Asia.  The natural beauty of Hong Kong women is hardly the most outstanding yet they are far from the bottom. Li Jiaxin and Zhang Maiyu are the two leading representatives for Hong Kong to the rest of the world.  Even the slightest gesture from Li Jiaxin reveals extraordinary charm and
enchantment. Zhang Maiyu is a modern example of elegance and self-confidence. These two made names for themselves as young girls; yet even in maturity they inspire shock and awe.

NO.10 Guangzhou 广州 Beauty Index: 86
Guangzhou beauty is hard on the outside while soft on the inside. It was once said, "There are no beautiful women in Guangzhou". This is obviously an exageration but finding a woman to take your breath away is surely easier in Beijing or Dalian. Guangzhou native Chen Huishan is an obvious exception from the aforementioned rule though. And don't forget the Chaozhou born beauty He Meidian. Though difficult to find, we see that Guangzhou is not wholly absent of beauty!


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I didn't agree all of your opinion
there are so many beauty in xi'an around ? do you think so ?

Apr 20, 2011 06:39 Report Abuse



it's very simple, because the wuhan havn't famous female star, the kind of rankings are meaningless

Apr 22, 2011 00:43 Report Abuse



Can you guarantee that your country without this girl
~~~This is just the individual phenomenon, it's not the entire Chinese girl's quality~~
I don't agree with you more, I am a Chinese girl

Apr 22, 2011 00:38 Report Abuse



Well, Wizard, obviously your standards are very low. The best looking women in China are the full figured ones, and they are easier to meet because Chinese men think they are fat. I worked in the fashion and model industry for many years, I if you think skinny models are attractive then you have a problem.

I feel lucky that recently I am starting to meet the curvy, busty, healthy looking Chinese girls. You can keep your stick figure girls. They are way OUT of MY league!

Apr 11, 2011 17:16 Report Abuse



This aticle is fairly ridiculous. China is packed with beautiful girls. It make s no difference what city you live in, each city has it's good lookers.

And how do you define beauty? If a Chinese girl has a flat arse, no curves, no tits, and skinny legs, then she is not attractive IMO.. I am surprisised why Chinese men and many foreigners in China like stick figure women.

Can't understand it!

Apr 11, 2011 03:43 Report Abuse



Changsha girls so simple,?ha ha,

Apr 22, 2011 00:46 Report Abuse