Shock After China Kindergarten Teacher Allows Monitor to Whip Classmates

Shock After China Kindergarten Teacher Allows Monitor to Whip Classmates
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A China kindergarten teacher been suspended from her post after allowing the class monitor to beat children in a bid to keep them quiet. The incident came to light after parents found whip marks on their children's bodies and complained to the Lai’an Garden Kindergarten in Yaohai, Hefei City, Anhui province.

On reviewing CCTV footage, it became apparent that the class monitor had been beating his classmates with a plastic drumstick. Throughout the 40-minute lesson he whipped at least 15 children.

The class teacher, who was apparently feeling ill, admitted giving the boy permission to discipline his classmates. “I was really sick. I couldn't even talk and I had no clue how to keep the children quiet in the class. So I asked our class monitor to help,” she told reporters.

The principle of the school confirmed that the boy had used violence against other children, but insisted he only beat his classmates after they failed to keep quiet following a verbal warning.

The local education bureau has launched an investigation and the teacher has been suspended.

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I must say that violence against students is "par-the-course" in China, and these stories hardly scratch the surface. Whipping, beating, knocking, pushing, slapping, and so on, are normal reformative methods in China. Honestly, it's so bad that every time I reported beatings to management, they were denied so vigorously that even I began to doubt my own eyes. Even one time the principal told me that all the cameras were disconnected or non-functional so as to not actually record evidence in the event of a complaint... move along, this is a non-story story.

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good thing they don't have guns

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