Chinese TV Firm Apologizes For Disturbing Kids’ Cartoons

Chinese TV Firm Apologizes For Disturbing Kids’ Cartoons
Jan 26, 2018 By

A video production company has been temporarily shuttered and forced to apologize after releasing disturbing Children’s cartoons in China.

On Wednesday, China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications forced the Guangzhou Yinjun Trading Company to close its two studios after it was found to have been sharing links to the content via its Happy Disney Weibo account.

The videos, which showed popular children’s characters in violent or sexually suggestive scenarios, were brought to the attention of authorities after angry parents started warning each other online.

One such clip depicted Frozen’s Princess Elsa having her head cut open in order to have her teeth removed, while another showed British children’s classic Peppa Pig suffering injections and painful drilling in his mouth.

Needless to say, kids who watched these two cartoons won’t be too keen on going to the dentist in future.

The Guangzhou company has since apologized for what it admitted were “horrible videos”, saying they were just chasing clicks and had not considered the effect such programs could have on children.

“When we were making videos, our team had one motivation in mind – increasing traffic – but we neglected to think about the harm and influence these videos, featuring horror, could bring to young children. We feel very guilty about the harm these videos could do, and we hereby express our deep apology to children and their parents,” the company said in a statement.

China’s obscenity watchdog has also ordered the country’s video streaming platforms to ban and remove such content from their sites.

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