Shirtless Burger Stand Gets Liaoning Girls Hot Under the Collar

Shirtless Burger Stand Gets Liaoning Girls Hot Under the Collar
Aug 01, 2014 By

Two expats in Liaoning have been causing quite the stir by opening and operating a burger stand whilst shirtless. Everyone loves a gimmick, and these two have taken it to the extreme; the burger stand is called ‘Little Black Burgers’ and is run by two African expats.

The duo, who currently reside in Shenyang, work as a team- whilst one flips burgers, the other one dances around and flexes, eliciting screeches from the obligatory crowd of swooning women.

Whilst this kind of marketing ploy is not uncommon, the shelf life of such gimmicks is somewhat uncertain; it will be interesting to see how they continue with their business during the Dongbei winter.


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The headline is "Liaoning girls hot under the collar...." The idiom means angry or mad not horny! So, the girls are angry that a shirtless african is flippin burgers? Perhaps a better headline would be: "Liaoning girls get more beef than they bargained for". Native speaking editors please.

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The last sentence is awesome!!!lolz....

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this kind of work, together with the vast majority of film, music and modeling gigs, do not allow for a foreigner to be eligible for work permits. the reason lies mostly in the fact that a chinese work permit is applied for by an employer for a specific function in a specific office. it is not like other countries, where a work permit is applied for, and given to a person himself, whom then goes and finds his employer(s)... in china it is the other way around - an employer applies for an employee. further, the nature of barbecues, film, music and modeling jobs is such that there is neither a fixed office nor a fixed a fixed employer. for this reason they are unable to complete the work permit procedure

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Props for guts guys.

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Somewhere in here is there a violation of local health regulations? Perhaps the perspiration adds a unique flavor to the burgers!

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no such violation. but clearly impossible to be legal from a work permit perspective. still, there are lines in the legal code that allow an officer to exercise discretionary judgement - that is previously allowed these things to go through when it involved student barbecue events while on x visas

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Leave it to the blacks to insert the race card into a marketing ploy. I'd have one of those "little black burgers," but I happen to like mine rare.

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the real marketing ploy happens right here (and seems to have caught yu up in it...) - that name is an invention of this echinacities writer. in the chinese source article, there is simply reference to "two little africans making burgers" ... but that doesn't sound as dramatic right? so let's shorten and interpret it as "little black burgers"! ...

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Looks better than the usual crappy street food - and I bet they're not using recycled oil too!

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You mean like they don't already?

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lol... They don't even try the weight I do. I max all the machines and use the weights nobody touches. I find Chinese don't work out hard at all... just do a little bit of puffy stuff then walk out like they owned that gym. I once arm wrestled a guy (because they love doing that) and I thought I was save him some face and just keep it in the middle one time. But then he started MASSIVELY cheating, bending his wrist, putting his legs and waist into it... and I still wouldn't budge. Then I was like... "Okay, no more face saving for you..." and start bringing him down when he buddies broke us up and called it a tie. We all know it wasn't... just another day of insecurity.

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Not only Chinese, but White guys will be jealous as well. Man, those White girls would surely get WET!

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