Topless Students in Guangzhou Protest Unequal Pay and Objectification of Women

Topless Students in Guangzhou Protest Unequal Pay and Objectification of Women
Apr 22, 2014 By

Several students from Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou caused a massive stir on April 21 when they protested on campus topless, wearing only body paint.

They carried signs bearing slogans urging people to “Take off your tinted glasses: recognize the value of women!” and to recognize the need for equal job opportunities. 

Photos of the protest and the passersby who stopped to stare at them have been circulating on weibo with many netizens speculating on the efficacy and meaning of the protest. Some thought it was harmless and encouraged the ladies like Maode_alone who said: “Seeing this makes me happy; this is what college students should be doing; recognizing inequality and fighting against it! Go on!” whilst others reacted angrily, with one blogger saying: “We already have an equal society; it’s easier for women to find work than men, you’re still not satisfied? Shameless women like you should be jailed for 15 days!”

Most of the comments, however, were just about boobs.


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In response to all previous commenters talking about how women here use men... while true, it is indicative of the sort of society that men have brought upon themselves, and that the protest perhaps is about changing that! Maybe, just maybe, those girls want to be able to make it on their own, and not have to suffer the whims and whiles of males. They don't want to have to submit to what tradition and culture has said they need to do. Maybe they want to be able to buy their own house, their own car, have their career (instead of relying on the man to do it for them), decide for themselves who they want to marry (and, if not marry, then not be looked down upon as "undesirables" and "left-overs" by not being married)... and actually run and control government... I say, good on them!

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Women here objectify men (including and in particular, westerners) just the same. Men are being used like pigs, ATM machines, a gateway to leave the China hell.....etc. Dehumanization is a core element of this 5000+ years old dictatorial culture. And the present day 1.3+ billion population only makes things worse.

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Protesting the "Objectification of Women" by going topless. **FACEPALM** I guess sometimes you cant fix stupid.

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For once, this guy needs approval for what he just said.

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Stop feeding this obvious troll.

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not that bad

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