Old Man Takes His Tiger For a Walk in the Park

Old Man Takes His Tiger For a Walk in the Park
Feb 12, 2014 By eChinacities.com

If you happened to be in Jiaozuo’s People’s Park in Henan on February 11 you might have been lucky enough to see an old man walking his tiger. The playful yet shy tiger cub was being led around the Park by his owner, Mr. Han, while other visitors to the park took photos and played with the jungle cat. At times the cub was overwhelmed and hid behind his owner to escape the limelight.

Mr. Han is a zookeeper who adopted the tiger cub when it was just six months old. The cub wasn’t able to walk at the time due to disease which had attacked its back legs. Mr. Han nurtured the cub back to health within three months by upping its calcium intake, giving it daily massages and some form of tiger-rehab.

The two now happily walk around Jiaozuo’s parks, something which seemed impossible not so long ago.

Source: news.qq.com

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