Jiangsu is China’s Wealthiest Province in Terms of Per Capita GDP

 Jiangsu is China’s Wealthiest Province in Terms of Per Capita GDP
Sep 23, 2016 By eChinacities.com

Editor’s Note: Guangdong is widely known as China’s wealthiest province. However, this article claims that per capita GDP is actually a better indicator of wealth. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Inner Mongolia all have a higher per capita GDP than Guangdong.

While many believe that total GDP is the best tool to measure the wealth of a province, per capital GDP is actually a better indicator. We took a look at the per capital GDP of China’s six richest provinces in 2015. Which province is the wealthiest in these terms?

1) Jiangsu: Jiangsu may not have the highest total GDP, but the province has the highest per capita GDP in China. The province’s GDP was 7.06 trillion yuan and its per capital GDP is about 88,000 yuan. The region may have uneven economic development, but the overall standard of living in Jiangsu is the highest in China.

2) Zhejiang: Zhejiang’s GDP is 4.29 trillion yuan, and its per capital GDP is about 78,000 yuan. The province has the second highest per capita GDP in the country. Zhejiang has been a wealthy area since ancient times. A lot of rich Chinese still call Zhejiang home. Many students from Zhejiang’s prestigious universities chose to study abroad after graduation.  


3) Inner Mongolia: Inner Mongolia’s total GDP is 1.8 trillion yuan, but its per capita GDP is about 72,000 yuan. Inner Mongolia ranks third in China for per capita GDP. The local economy is sustained by the region’s rich natural resources.

4) Fujian: Fujian’s total GDP is about 2.6 trillion yuan, and its per capita GDP is about 68,300 yuan. Fujian is not known as a great economic power, but it has a strong local economy. In the last two years, real estate has taken off in the southeast coastal province.


5) Guangdong: Guangdong’s GDP may be the highest in China at 7.28 trillion yuan, but the province’s per capital GDP is about 68,000 yuan- not even in the top three!  

6) Liaoning: Liaoning’s GDP is about 2.87 trillion yuan, and its per capital GDP is about 65,000 yuan. Northeast China has experienced an economic slump in recent years, but Liaoning was still able to make it into the rankings.

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Zhejiang may be silly rich but it's a complete shit hole full of rude people. I know this very well for wifey is from Wenzhou, and she has nothing good to say about it. She is much better off living here in Guangdong and going back to Zhejiang as rarely as possible. Fortunately some people realize that there is more to development than money, the social part is as important as the economic part. Also not every Zhejiangren are bad, I met some nice people there (not wifey's retarded relatives, unfortunately), but the amount of rude people and backward antisocial behavior is one of the highest I have seen in all of China, with only Henan being worse maybe.

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Thanks for sharing. China is screwing the world with propaganda and lies by. Testimonies like yours expose CCP's lies. Henan is the toilet bowl of China, whereas China is the toilet bowl of the world, for those in the know that is.

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how do they stack up environmentally...

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Nice river

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jump right in!

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