Government Announces Special Measures for Entry of Foreigners During Epidemic

Government Announces Special Measures for Entry of Foreigners During Epidemic
Mar 03, 2020 By

The Chinese government has announced some special measures to ease the bureaucratic burden for foreigners coming in and out of China during the coronavirus outbreak. The new rules, released by the State Immigration Administration at the weekend, aim to restore some form of normality for foreign industries, enterprises and trade in China while minimizing the risk of new infections.

Following an announcement last week that all foreigners coming to or already in China “for innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research” helping combat the virus will have their residence permits automatically extended by two months if they expire during the epidemic period, the courtesy has been extended to all foreigners. Regardless of what you are in China for, the extension will be issued automatically and no application is required.

Foreigners who need to leave China temporarily to participate in trade, research or academic activities but who have exceeded the number of re-entries into China allowed on their visa can also apply for re-entry visas before their return to China. Those whose residence permits expire while they’re away can apply for a visa at their port of entry using their expired permit.

Those coming to China to help fight the good fight against the coronavirus will also see entry and exit permits processed in a record 24 hours, while those needing to come to China for what has been termed “urgent investment, business or trade matters” can apply for a visa or temporary entry permit at their port of entry as long as they have an invitation letter from the entity hosting them. In any case, if there is no visa authority at the port of entry, immigration services should supply a temporary entry permit, which should be exchanged for the correct visa/residence permit in a “timely manner” once in China.

Meanwhile, exit-entry service windows will be reopened in low-risk cities and gradually restored in medium-risk areas, while such services in high-risk areas will be reserved for emergencies only. Foreigners can now also make applications for visas and residences permits and register their addresses online across China.

Finally, those who make contributions to help the epidemic will also be given priority if applying for permanent residence status in China. So develop a vaccine for coronavirus and that China Green Card may not be so unattainable after all!

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China is a model that other nations should follow.

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Amazing!! China made life easier for everybody

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Love u china government

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great news from this end.

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Amazing! China never fails to make it more convenient and make life easier for us foreigners during such hard times.

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