Coronavirus Restrictions to be Determined by County Risk Status

Coronavirus Restrictions to be Determined by County Risk Status
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China’s coronavirus controls will be implemented on a country-by-country basis instead of by province, according to an announcement by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) this week.

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Each county, with the exception of those in Hubei province and Beijing, will be classified as either low, medium or high-risk depending on the number of coronavirus cases they have. Controls on the movement of residents and the resumption of business will then be applied accordingly.

Counties designated as low-risk should lift all restrictions on work and daily life, according to NDRC spokesman Ou Xiaoli, meaning businesses are free to reopen and residents should not be confined to their apartments. Counties deemed medium risk will likely see a staggered return to work and resumption of daily life, while those in high-risk areas will remain under the strictest control measures.

Unfortunately for those in Hubei, the end is still not in sight. The vast majority of coronavirus cases and deaths within China are still originating from the province. On Tuesdays, authorities were told to continue to strictly control exits from Hubei after a U-turn on an announcement that lockdown measures would be eased in Wuhan.

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Good measures, high risk countries should be restricted from entering China to stop this pandemic.

Sep 20, 2020 11:24 Report Abuse



Once thought the virus was all over China.

Apr 07, 2020 21:55 Report Abuse



Even though returning back to work and resumption of normal daily life would be great both for people's lives and country's economy, keeping the measures high is still seems to be a logical thing to do!

Feb 28, 2020 13:34 Report Abuse