Loan-Sharks Accept Naked Photos as Collateral for Female College Students

Loan-Sharks Accept Naked Photos as Collateral for Female College Students
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Editor’s Note: This article takes a look at a recent phenomenon in China: loan-sharks are now accepting naked photos as collateral damage for female college students and female professionals. If the woman cannot pay, the photos are copied and hundreds a day are sold on QQ. Would you trust your naked photos to a loan-shark?

Young women in China are leveraging student loans with naked photos held as collateral by black-market loan issuers. A Southern Daily reporter recently investigated a QQ group for these kind of loans. Loan issuers advertise the packages on QQ. In addition, the issuers say that the women can have one-night stands and provide other sexual services to offset the loans.

“Female students only, must send naked photos to qualify for a loan.” The reporter joined a QQ group for young Chinese women. Advertisements for loans with naked photos as collateral continued to pop up in the group.

Before long, a few of the advertisers took the initiative to add the reporter as a friend on QQ and ask if she needed a loan. The reporter chatted with five lenders, who gave monthly interest rates between 5 and 20%. In the past, the reporter had heard that such loans were issued at a 30% weekly interest rate. However, as one lender said, “A 30% weekly interest rate would be extremely high. Interest rates are lower now- a 30% interest rate would be something from a crook.”  

Is It Safe?

“The introduction of naked photos as collateral has really had an impact on the industry. However, it is not a safe practice in the larger cities. It is safer in third and fourth tier cities,” said a lender, when the reporter expressed concerns about the security of their photos.

“We mostly receive requests from college students, especially female students who are willing to send naked photos along with a copy of their ID card for the loan.” Many lenders said that receiving a legitimate loan requires real-name registration, a phone number, a savings card, a mortgage, and a social security account. Under-the-table lenders say that they prefer women over the age of 32 because they tend to care the most about their reputation.  

These lenders say that they have created the best alternative to the banks. The two sides make an agreement and the borrower sends an ordinary photograph for verification. Then the lender sends a request for the naked photo. Lenders stress that naked photos should be shot during the day and in good night. Lenders refused to give the reporter any personal information but assured them that the process was safe.  

Consequences for Late Payments

In addition to the interest charges from the loans, lenders also can profit by selling the nude photos if the women are late with payments. 

“Newer and older nude photos can sell for different rates on the market. Older photos sell for 20 RMB, and newer ones sell for 30 RMB because they include a video with sound so that you can verify the woman’s identity. There are many QQ groups for selling these kinds of photos. The reporter said that in one hour, sellers posted 13 photos for sell in one QQ group.

The reporter noticed that different sellers used different language in the QQ group. Some sellers were straightforward, and posted that they had copies of naked photos to sell. Some tried to sell the photos in different package options.

The reporter then tried to contact a number of sellers. Most of the sellers claimed that they were primary lender and that the women were overdue on their payments. “We are trying to make up some of our losses,” said one seller. After making an agreement, one seller forwarded the reporter a number of naked photos and videos of women. The seller also sent their credentials for giving loans and a record of the chat in which the woman agreed to the terms.   

Other sellers said that they were not the original lenders and had been provided with the photos and videos by a lender for a cut of the profits. “We sell copies of the set for 30 RMB, if business is good we can sell more than 200 sets in a day. If business is average, we can still sell more than 100 sets.” The reporter calculated that the seller could make about 6,000 RMB a day.

One-Night Stands and Mistress Services

“In the past two months, we have had 270 new photos and new videos, and all together have about 900 photos and 112 videos. Female university students can also sell one-night stands and provide mistress services.” One seller posted this advertisement in the QQ group for selling photos and videos.

The seller told the reporter that they can connect female students who need money or are in debt with men who want to pay for services. Women who cannot pay back their loans to the seller can also turn to this method to pay their debts. The seller said that female students can earn 1500 RMB for a one-night stand, and 8000 RMB a month to be a mistress.

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The world is full of Whores. We are all whores. Most people do something they dont want to do, for money. Why is whoring yourself out to some company seen as respectable while whoring yourself out to an individual is wrong? Either way you are selling your life to someone for a price. Does it really matter so much or make such a difference when sex is involved? This an old an hypocritical way of thinking. Technically, we all use parts of our body to make money. Does it really matter which part we use?

Aug 29, 2016 09:51 Report Abuse


this is very weird

Aug 27, 2016 20:28 Report Abuse


its just another form of human trafficking. But will anybody do anything about it? What if it was your Daughter?

Aug 13, 2016 19:06 Report Abuse


here we go with the "but what if it was...bla bla bla". Well, they aren't, and my 2 daughters grew up with enough sense to not get involved with such shady dealings. You live in la-la land. Time to wake up and see the real world as it is, as ugly as it can be at times.

Aug 13, 2016 20:51 Report Abuse


just means you are to weak to give it thought. Congrats you are becoming Chinese

Sep 08, 2016 12:43 Report Abuse


good idea

Aug 11, 2016 11:33 Report Abuse


TIC also means This Is Cheap.

Aug 11, 2016 08:20 Report Abuse



Aug 06, 2016 18:20 Report Abuse


How is it the guy selling membership for porn sites gets stiff time but this is legal/ allowed? (I don't see any victims here)

Aug 05, 2016 23:22 Report Abuse


China is a lawless place, the common man have little power and upper mobility, its bullshit that education is not free in China. Than again, thats how the CCP control its people.

Aug 05, 2016 21:58 Report Abuse


CCP members are chinese too. That's how chinese controls chinese in china for milleniums.

Aug 11, 2016 09:05 Report Abuse


Here's an idea we should import to the US!

Aug 05, 2016 20:11 Report Abuse


How long have you been in China? This exporting has been on-going for more than half a century! They call it marriage.

Aug 11, 2016 08:35 Report Abuse


we do this already, it's called

Aug 20, 2016 16:41 Report Abuse


So can a former chippendale qualify or sue for reverse sexist discrimination, I need a good lawyer from Hong Kong, nobody here would know what I was talking about.

Aug 05, 2016 19:07 Report Abuse


1,500 for a one night stand. way too expensive.

Aug 05, 2016 19:00 Report Abuse


The count is quickly done, 8000 / 30 = 266 yuan per night. And you get the girl each and every night of the month (if you can keep up). Knowing that, who would pay 1500 for a single one night stand? Business is business.

Aug 07, 2016 18:54 Report Abuse


This is simply sad :(

Aug 05, 2016 18:15 Report Abuse


8,000 eh? Hmmm, would that include house cleaning service?

Aug 05, 2016 17:27 Report Abuse


Welcome to China, the country of law, order and decency.

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