Chengdu Polar Ocean World Finally Unveiled to Public

Chengdu Polar Ocean World Finally Unveiled to Public

The fantastic dolphin show at the Chengdu Polar Ocean World.

Chengdu residents could only dream of rare and mysterious polar animals and swimming in harmony with sharks and other marine animals – until now. After 4 years of construction, Chengdu Polar Ocean World has finally opened to visitors on July 28th. And at around the same time, Cool City Tourism Festival, organized by the municipal government of Chengdu, has also kicked off celebrations.

Chengdu Polar Ocean World has filled an absence in the tourism industry for the city; it is the first of such theme parks in southwest China and features a wide variety of polar animals, marine life and exhibits about marine habitat and life. There are also performances, science education programs, group tours, recreational events, shopping and entertainment opportunities offered at the theme park Ocean World in Chengdu.

The entire park measures an area of 240,000 square meters and is able to accommodate more than 3 million visitors at a time. There are five major sections to the park: Polar Animal Exhibit; Performance Hall for Dolphins and Whales; Happy Theater; Marine Animals Exhibit; and Tropical Island Recreational Area. Each of the theme park’s sections are surrounded by different exhibit halls featuring a variety of undersea animal life. The park has employed state-of-the-art technology to manufacture man-made snow, man-made sea water, and man-made habitats to help bring over 100 polar region animals including the white whale, polar bear, penguin, dolphin, and walrus to inland residents in Chengdu.

The Chengdu Cool City (Qingliang Tianfu) Tourism Festival has also kicked off at the same time as the grand opening of the undersea world theme park. Counties in the surrounding area will be hosting a series of events realted to the idea of “coolness” - bringing local residents a gush of breezy wind in the hot summer.

Chengdu Polar Ocean World 成都极地海洋世界 View In Map
Add: Tianfu Blvd (south section), Huayang County, Chengdu 成都市华阳镇天府大道南段
Business Hours: 9:00 -18:00
Tel: 028 8687 8538

Tickets: 130 RMB for adults; children under 1.2 meters tall are admitted for free; 65 RMB for children 1.2 m – 1.4 m tall; 65 RMB for those elders aged between 60 -69 years old (proof of ID needed); and 20 RMB for those elders over 70 years old (proof of ID needed).

Getting there: Take bus route 806 (10th stop) or take bus route 501 (11th stop) to Chengdu Export Processing Area station (成都出口加工区站) and walk for about 210 meters to destination.

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