Racing Rapids & Death-Defying Drops: Water Rafting Near Changsha

Racing Rapids & Death-Defying Drops: Water Rafting Near Changsha

Sweaty summer got you down? Cool off in the rivers of Hunan at one of these gorgeous and thrilling water rafting spots. From the exciting Mengdong Rafting to the relaxing Lianyunshan Rafting, we've rounded up the best spots in Hunan for exciting river rides, all a short trip away from Changsha.

1) Mengdong Rafting View In Map
The most exciting spot in Zhangjiajie's big rafting scene has got to be Mengdong Rafting (猛洞河漂流), which takes place on an exciting section of Mengdong River, from Hani Gong (哈妮宫) to the Niulu River (泥路河). The section from Hani Gong to Hou'er Tiao (猴儿跳) is especially rough and full of rapids! Local experts steer the eight-person boats down the river, in a journey that takes about five hours (or three hours if you'd prefer to only ride the rapid-y stretch from Hani Gong to Hou'er Tiao). If you get out at Hou'er Tiao, take some time to explore the nearby Furong Village (芙蓉镇). Be sure to arrive early if you're interested in doing the five hour trip.

Add: 80 km from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yongshun, Jishou
Tel: 074 3585 3367; 872 0378
Price: 160 RMB per person (Hani Gong to Niulu He), 82 RMB per person (Hani Gong to Hou'er Tiao)
Opening hours: 8:00-16:00
Getting there: From Changsha take the bus or train to Jishou (吉首市), then transfer to Yongshun (永顺县) where you'll hire a small van to take you to Mengdong Piaoliu (猛洞河漂流) for 20-30 RMB

2) Daweishan Rafting View In Map
Located in the scenic Daweishan National Forest Park (大围山国家森林公园) about 130 km from Changsha, Daweishan Rafting (大围山漂流) is well worth the long trip. The 10 km water rafting course features a total drop of 86 m, with the largest being a thrilling 6-meter plunge. The banks of the river are dotted with beaches, bays and pools and the journey takes about 2.5 hours to complete. The inflatable kayaks provided by the rafting facility are fun but safe; just be sure to bring a pair of plastic water-proof sandals, as you're going to get wet!

Add: Yongqin Cun, Daweishan Zhen, Liuyang
Tel: 0731 8348 7702; 188 7425 0139
Price: 168 RMB per person
Opening hours: 08:30-16:00
Getting there: Take a bus or train from Changsha to Daweishan Nongcun Long Distance Bus Station (大围山农村客运站的大巴), then take a local cab or van to Daweishan Piaoliu (大围山峡谷漂流)

3) Lianyunshan Rafting View In Map
A 120 km trek from Changsha, Lianyunshan Rafting (连云山漂流) is located in Pingjiang's Xianchong Zhuhai Park (献冲竹海公园), an area that has more than 30 small mountain streams. The 30 km journey features a total drop of 160 meters and lasts for about 2 hours. Drift along in your kayak as you gaze out at the beautiful natural scenery. The facility provides helmets and other safety gear but be sure to bring a waterproof bag to protect whatever belongings you take with you.

Add: Xianchong Zhuhai Gongyuan, Jia Yi Zhen, Pingjiang, Yueyang
Tel: 189 7089 0892
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00
Price: 198 RMB per person
Getting there: Take bus from Changsha to Pingjiang (平江县) then take a local cab to Lianyun Shan Piaoliu (连云山漂流), which should cost about 50 RMB

4) Xin Weishan Rafting View In Map
Xin Weishan Rafting (新沩山漂流) is located 84 km from Changsha in the western district of Ningxiang. The area is home to many tourist attractions, including the Miyin Temple (密印寺) and Weishan Buddha (沩山大佛). The river rafting spot is 5.6 km long, drops 200 m and takes about an hour to complete. The rocky ride down the river is very safe, as long as you keep your hands and feet inside the boat!

Add: Zuta Xiaolongtan, Gui Shanxiang Ningxiang, Changsha
Tel: 731 8755 2222
Opening hours: Daily trip starts at 14:00
Price: 198 RMB per person
Getting there: Take bus from Changsha to Ningxiang Bus Station (宁乡汽车站), then take bus to Huangcai Zhen (黄材镇), where you'll hire a car to Xin Weishan Piaoliu (新沩山漂流), which should cost about 10 RMB

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