Hunting a Breeze: Changsha Summer Escapes

Hunting a Breeze: Changsha Summer Escapes

Summer has come, and of course, it's another sweaty one in most Chinese cities. The summer months are always a great time to get away, especially if that means lower temperatures. While Changsha might not have the breeziest summers in all of China, there is still lots to do in order to keep cool and entertained in the capital of Hunan. Check out Underwater World, Orange Island, Provincial Botanical Gardens and Yuelu Mountain for some summer fun.

1) Changsha Sea World 海底世界 View In Map

A 4A-class tourist attraction, Changsha's Sea World provides undersea views and thrills. Sea World is home to an aquarium, the Polar Animal Museum, the Science Education Center, a water park and a children's zone. The 13,000 square metre aquarium holds large sharks, dolphins, seals and other marine animals. The water park boasts activities including water-skiing, an artificial wave pool and river, a children's pool and a deep-water pool. Bring the kids and let them loose in the children's playground; Sea World definitely has something for everyone.

Add: Liuyuang River Brige, east of Gold Eagle Film and Television Cultural City (near Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Centre), Kaifu District, Changsha
Tel:0731 8425 5015
Opening hours:8:30-18:00(high season); 8:30-17:30(low season)
Price: 120 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 132, 136, 158, 501, 701, 901 intervals, 915 to Window of the World.

2) Orange Island 橘子洲View In Map

The world's largest inland island, Orange Island is actually a large sandbank on the Xiangjiang River. A 5A rated scenic spot, the island is about 40 metres wide at its narrowest and 140 metres wide at its largest point. On the island, 100 Meter Fountain and the beach area are the main tourist attractions. The 100 Meter Fountain is only on during major festivals and holidays, so the beaches are the main draw of the island. The beach area covers over 10,000 square metres. Play some beach volleyball or relax and enjoy the indoor pool. For history buffs, check out the Mao Zedong Youth Arts sculpture right in the beach area.

Add: 2 Orange Island, Yuelu District, Changsha
Tel: 0731 8861 4640
Opening hours: 24 hours
Price: Free
Getting there: Take bus 3 directly to the island

3) Provincial Botanical Garden 省植物园 View In Map

The Provincial Botanical Gardens, known as the Hunan Forest Provincial Botanical Garden, is a spacious garden of 120 hectares almost completely covered by plant life. The garden is so large that it never really feels crowded, despite its popularity with the locals. Bring a picnic and spend the weekend relaxing in the shade and admiring the beautiful scenery. The gardens are very popular for wedding photo shoots, especially in the spring when the multicoloured flowers begin to bloom.

Add: 111 Botanical Garden Road, Yuhua District, Changsha
Tel:0731 85056369
Opening hours:8:00-17:00
Price: 20 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 7,102,103,107,123,134,147,152,502,703,801,802 to Botanical Garden station

4) Yuelu Mountain 岳麓山 View In Map

A 5A ranked tourist attraction, Yuelu Mountain is a mountain range to the west of Changsha. The Yunlu peaks are the main mountains of the Yuelu Mountain area. The mountains are famous for being the home of the Song Dynasty's ancient Yuelu Academy, one of the best in classical learning. In the summertime, Changsha's city temperatures are oven-hot; with its shade, trees and cool mountain air, Yuelue Mountain is a needed break from the sweltering city.

While climbing Yuelu Mountain, hikers will come upon a number of scenic spots including Aiwan Pavilion (between the mouth of Qingfeng Gorge and the end of Lan Stream), Red-Crane Stream (behind the temple at the foot of the mountain) and Chuanshipo Lake (halfway up the mountain, about 700 metres from Yunlu peak). Don't miss the Orchid River Garden and Ten Thousand Views Garden; these scenic destinations make a great picnic spot!

Add: Western suburbs, Yuelu District, Changsha
Tel: 0731 8882 5011
Opening hours: 24 hours
Price: Free, 50 RMB after July 1
Getting there: Take bus 132, 202, 305, Lishan line, 1 road, 3 road interval to North Yuelushan.

Break out of the ordinary summer routine with a visit to one of these exciting Changsha attractions. Whether you are a mountain climber, a beach bum or garden enthusiast, summer in Changsha is never boring. 

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