A Guide to Summer Jobs in China

A Guide to Summer Jobs in China
Apr 09, 2019 By Degen Hill , eChinacities.com

If you don’t have a full time job and you’re wondering what to do with yourself this summer, consider a summer job or internship. Summer jobs in China are the perfect way to make some extra cash and gain valuable experience in one of the world’s most exciting countries. If you’re wondering what to do or how to get started, here are six options to consider.

English tutor

Chinese tiger moms and dads are continually keeping their kids busy, and despite it being the summer vacation, many Chinese students will be seeking English classes, either at a school, a summer camp or one-on-one.

Summer camps will likely be the most interesting since they usually involve  excursions beyond the classroom. In addition, compared to a regimented curriculum at an English school, summer camps will also have more activities like arts & crafts or outside games, depending on what kind of camp it is. Tutoring one-on-one is also a good option as the rates tend to be higher.

Kids tour guide

Although this isn’t teaching English directly, a job taking kids on tours of various attractions often comes with some teaching time too. For example, one week you might cover dinosaurs before a Saturday trip to the Natural History Museum. Another week might teach students about animals and involve a trip to the zoo.

Jobs like this are typically structured in 6-8 week segments and with students of between 9 and 16 years old, which, depending on your perspective, might be easier or harder than really little kids.

Sports coach

Although Chinese students might be out of school for the summer, they’ll still be actively involved in summer activities, with sports classes among the most popular. American football, golf, soccer, baseball — the possibilities are endless.

Similar to English summer camps, summer sports classes in China will only be for a few weeks, but they give you the chance to be outside and active. To beat the heat, sometimes classes are held murderously early in the morning, which can put a damper on your summer fun, but it’s certainly better than working inside all day.


If money isn’t your first priority, consider working as an intern for three months to gain valuable China work experience. Many companies like hiring interns because they offer a helping hand at a low cost. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to add something totally unique to your resume and hopefully learn a thing or two.

If you aren’t finding any interesting internship opportunities in our database, try sending an e-mail to companies you like, explaining your background and suggesting what you could do for them. Sometimes, people don’t know they want something until they’re offered it.

Work online/freelance

Often, the hardest part about doing online jobs is your availability or lack thereof. Assuming you’ve got a three-month break from study or a teaching job, summer is the perfect time to devote yourself to online work.

Online work in China can involve editing, writing, graphic design, managing a social media account and more. The benefits include the ability to set your own hours and, often, charge a rate that you’re happy with.

Service industry

Believe it or not, foreigners also work in restaurants and bars in China, although primarily Western restaurants. Working as a bartender, cook or server during the summer is a great way to make money (although don’t expect tips). Although not a glamorous summer job, it’s a good way to meet people, do something active and perhaps even practice your Chinese. 

Many summer jobs and internships will start around the time Chinese schools break up, usually in early June. As such, it’s important to line up a job and go through the interview process BEFORE the summer begins. So, right… about… NOW! Good luck.

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My name is Joseph Mawuli Avornyo from Ghana and currently in Ghana. I am a graduate of marketing with 4 years working experience in sales marketing. I have a year teaching experience. I also did a service in Ghana Port and Harbour Authority. I am very interested in the internship program: 1. Teaching 2. Service industry Thank you. Kind Regards, Joseph Mawuli Avornyo avornyoj@yahoo.com Skype: zenith.jose Call:+233540683018

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