How to use the eChinacities job site

How to use the eChinacities job site
Feb 20, 2019 By Charles Cooper ,

eChinacities is a website run free of charge for English speakers living in China, thinking of moving here or are simply interested in the culture. Our primary feature is our job site, which currently holds over 100,000 jobs across 175+ cities, making it China’s leading job site for foreigners. Whilst aimed primarily at English speakers, our site also caters to speakers of other languages such as French, Thai, Korean, Hindi and more!

We also run regular features about life in China, have extensive city guides and host a forum for people looking to get any questions they have answered. So whether you’re looking to find a job, get to know your city a little better or just have a good read, eChinacities is the place to be!

The first thing to do when using eChinacities is create your profile. Simply click the ‘register’ button at the top of our homepage to get started. After this you’ll be taken to register some basic details with us. When you’re done you can go to this page to create or manage your online resume.

Click "Resume management":


Here you can continue the resume you began during registration, or you can begin to create a new one. You can hold up to 3 resume’s at a time, giving you the option tailor your applications towards different fields if you like. To complete your resume simply click the edit button as pictured, or click ‘Create Resume’ to begin a new one. Bear in mind that in order to apply for any jobs with your online resume, it is highly recommended that you fully complete your resume. If you’d prefer, you can simply upload your own copy.

When editing your resume, remember to save each section as you finish it, for example, when you have finished filling out your education information, you should click save education. For some categories like education you will have the option to add extra boxes of information (such as if there is more than one qualification you wish to list). When this is the case, click ‘Save and Add’ in order to save your first set of information here and begin a second.

Your resume can be edited at any time should you wish to update any details. If you wish to return to your online resume, simply click your username at the top of the jobs page to be taken to your account and then hover your cursor over ‘My Resume’, before clicking on ‘Resume Management’. If you want you can also make your resume public on this page, allowing recruiters to view it and potentially get in touch with job offers. You have the option at any time to take your resume down and make it private depending on your employment status, so don’t feel that once it’s up it’s stuck there forever. In order to use this service you will need to earn some ‘points’ on our site. These are totally free to earn and an easy guide on how to get them can be found here

You can also create a cover letter by clicking the button as pictured below. When you are ready, you can create and save up to 6 different cover letters. When you are done editing your resume and cover letter, you get back to our jobs page and get looking!

Finding your Job
Once you’re done with your resume, finding your job is an incredibly simple process. eChinacities features a simple yet extensive search tool that lets you specify virtually every detail of your search, without it becoming too complicated or time consuming. This means that unlike other job sites, you can find exactly what you’re looking for without having to waste your time repeatedly fine-tuning your search, its all here in one go!

If you want you can just do a general search by entering some key words into the search bar pictured above. If you’re looking to conduct a more focused search however, taking into account details such as the industry you’re looking to work in, your level of experience, your salary range, etc., click the more options button to get, you guessed it, more options.


While most of our positions are to teaching jobs in China (as there is a seemingly endless supply of ESL jobs in China), we understand that there are many foreigners who are looking to get out of teaching and move into new industries, whether through internships or full time jobs. Some foreigners may simply be looking for some part time work to try and round up a little extra cash. To these ends we’ve provided some buttons (pictured above) which allow you to specify if you want only teaching/non-teaching positions, as well as internships and part time work. These can all be included as part of a wider search but if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got you covered. Our site covers cities across China, allowing you to find jobs in Beijing, jobs in Shanghai or jobs virtually anywhere in the country!

Once you’ve entered your search you can take a look at all of the positions relevant to you. If you’re interested in any the jobs brought up by your search, just give them a click and take a look at their details. If you like what you see, then hit the ‘Apply Now’ button. If you’d like to save the job for another time and keep looking, use the ‘Save’ button to save the position for later use.

Applying for your dream job
When you’ve decided which job to apply to, you’ll be taken to a page where you can edit your online resume, or if you’d prefer, just upload your own through the ‘Attach Files’ option. If you didn’t create a resume earlier, you can easily do that here by clicking on the ‘edit’ button. This ‘Speedy Resume’ can be tailored around the job you’re applying to and then reused three times for other jobs. Remember to keep tweaking it based on the position you’re applying to though. Your experience working with children might do you wonders for a teaching position, but marketing? Not so much.

After this you can either use a cover letter you’ve made earlier, or create a new one. Simply click ‘Create now’ to start writing. You can save each cover letter you write and reuse them later if you wish. We’ve even provided a couple sample letters for you if you’re felling a little short on ideas! To get to these, simply bring up the cover letter editing box (either through ‘Create now’ or if you’ve already written one, ‘Preview/Edit’) and select one of the samples at the bottom left of the box. When you’ve finished your resume and cover letter, just hit the ‘Send Application’ button and you’re done!

Other Platforms
As well as our main website, we’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WeChat and even on mobile! To find out more simply follow this link:

You can also use phone to visit our website:

Now get cracking! Find that perfect job on our website!

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