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What's New In Xining

Leaping Over the Great Firewall: Technology Life Hacks for China

As any expat who has been in China for a period of time will be aware, using technological products with the same freedom to which we have become accustomed is simply not possible. However, there are ...

Xining – A Long Weekend in the West

Having a few days off recently, I felt it was a waste to stay in Beijing. Checking flights on multiple platforms, I quickly discovered that everywhere south (ie towards the sun and warmth) was really expensive,...

Cancer in China: Survival Rate Much Lower Than In Developed Countries

The number of cancer patients in China has continuously increased while the nation’s low survivor rates are proving to be worrying. A recent analysis of data related to cancer survival was recently published, which ...

From Flying Pigeons to Phoenixes: Practical Biking Tips in China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is responsible for many changes and transformations in China, but one thing it is not often credited for is the role it played in introducing the bicycle as a widespread and popular ...

History of Xining
The remains of ancient civilizations living in Qinghai indicate that the area has been populated for around 5,000 years, though Xining was only ...

Xining Transport - Introduction
Xining is a hub for all transportation within Qinghai Province, and also the city which connects the province with the outside world. It has ...

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