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Cheese and Wine: Wuxi’s Best Import Supermarkets

A craving for the foods we grew up with happens to all of us, regardless of how long we’ve lived away from our home countries. Here in Wuxi, foreigners wishing to buy imported goods have a number of options at their disposal. Read more>>

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Drown the Night Away: 5 Popular Expat Bars in Wuxi HOT

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Wuxi is not exactly known as a nightlife capital which makes finding a good bar all the more challenging. Here are five of the most popular expat bars in Wuxi. ... Read More>>

Craving Caffeine: Wuxi’s Most Popular Cafés HOT

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Other than the all-ubiquitous Starbucks, Wuxi has a good number of excellent cafés. Many of the locally run coffee shops are popular with both Chinese and foreign customers. Some of the more popular spots include: Water Heaven (Shui Tiantang) ...... Read More>>

Riverside Drinking on Wuxi’s 1912 Bar Street HOT

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Thirsty newcomers to Wuxi would do well to head down to the city’s 1912 Bar Street area: it houses almost 20 different themed bars that run along the canal, including the Soho Bar, Beatles Music Club, Marceau Bar and Jason’s bar. Each has its own ...... Read More>>

Finding Familiar Flavours: Western Restaurants in Wuxi HOT

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Western food has become all the rage in Wuxi, with Western inspired dining establishments serving a surplus of anything from steaks to pizza to buffet meals, found dotted all along the city’s streets, large and small. Despite the vogue of Western dining in ...... Read More>>

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